Learn 5 Best Practices to Take Your Business Global With Twitter Ads


Learn how different businesses use Twitter to connect with a global audience:

Whether you want to stay local or reach an overseas audience, you can choose the markets, countries, regions, metro areas or postal codes that are the most relevant to your business. You can also refine your targeting by language to ensure that no matter where they call home, your potential customers can understand your ad. 
Learn more about our robust geo-targetingoptions and refining your audience by language.

Emphasize your region’s speciality. Appeal to a global market by reinforcing the quality or distinction of your products being produced in a specific region. Such as “maple syrup from Canada” or “Swiss watches.” With Twitter Ads, potential customers from all over the world can now learn about and purchase your specialty products. 

Align with global events. Twitter happens in real time, with natural spikes of conversation occurring around everyday moments and special events. These are often organized around specific hashtags or keywords, which marketers can use to enter relevant, global conversations, can help you uncover cultural touch points unfolding across regions, such as Small Business Saturday (in the US & UK), the Eurovision song contest (European markets) and Giving Tuesday (globally). 

Segment campaigns by proximity or language. For instance, you may group the United States and Canada together for one campaign representing North America and then group the Nordic countries in another campaign. This will help you stay organized and understand exactly where your campaigns are the most impactful. 

Tailor your content to the market. No matter what you’re selling, one size doesn’t always fit all. Once you’ve segmented your campaigns by regions or languages, consider the unique culture or interests of each group and adjust your images, Tweet copy, or offering appropriately. This is the time to analyze and experiment! 

Make your Twitter presence as international as your audience. Your company may be global, but you may have a single Twitter handle and only Tweet in one or two languages. Consider Retweeting users from different countries to highlight the international scope of your community and add some diversity to your timeline. Or, if you have the resources to create distinct Twitter accounts for your largest markets, consider creating tailored content for each account to help reflect the unique tone of their region. 

Get started! Our objective-based campaigns are designed to help you hit your business goals, from anywhere in the world.

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