What Happened to Whoopi Goldberg? Tv Sweetheart


Remember how her charisma  transcended part of the pop culture fabric of the ’90s.
In recent years, Goldberg has become better known as the designated adult on “The View.” She kept the peace when Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Joy Behar were at each other’s throats. She injected common sense and good old-fashioned side-eye when necessary. She has been the constant as the show churns through one ridiculous or ill-fated co-host after another. But in the last six years, Goldberg has ceded ground when it comes to her ability to rise above the show’s reputation for chaos anduninformed opinions.

If there’s anything that’s emblematic of Goldberg’s tattered credibility, it’s the reaction to her recent statements on Viola Davis’s Emmy acceptance speech — in particular a line in which Davis said, “the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity.”

[‘You cannot win an Emmy for roles that are simply not there’: Viola Davis on her historic Emmys win]

When BET.com’s Chantal Potter asked, “What are your thoughts on that statement as it relates to your career in particular?,”Goldberg said:

“Well, I’m not sure what it means. Opportunity to do what? Do you know what I mean? I think maybe what she wanted to say she had to couch in that ’cause the truth of the matter is, there’s been plenty of opportunity, you know? I mean, ‘Scandal.’ Let’s just start with that. Kerry Washington is there and she’s working her booty off but they didn’t vote for her. So maybe the question is what do you have to do to get voted on? That’s the thing. It’s not that the opportunity is not there because we’ve had lots of opportunities. But we don’t — if you don’t get the — if you don’t get the pat on the back that says, ‘Yes, it’s okay to hire these women,’ see now, there’ll be more parts, more dramas, cause Viola got an Emmy award. Really, everybody wants an Emmy. The studios, everybody wants the — you know. So they’ll hire more black women.”

It would appear that Goldberg has torched her reputation to the point that when she says something that could be construed as controversial, it simply gets rounded up to Yet Another Crazy Thing that sprung from the mouth of Whoopi Goldberg.

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