Horrible DSTV to Bring Teenage Transgender Show To Your Homes


From all indications, it seems that DSTV might be about to bring an American Reality TV series about an 11 year old transgender to  our homes. I Am Jazz is an American reality television series on TLC about a transgender girl (who used to be a boy) called Jazz Jennings. The 11-part series features Jazz and her family “dealing with typical teen drama through the lens of a transgender youth.

Agreed, we’ve kept quiet through one series of ‘I am Cait’ (the transition story of Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn) without calling our NBC to order, what then do we say about this show that would most likely be appealing and very easily accessible to our younger generation? Is this a time to keep quiet or to take action? I have taken the pains to verify from the DSTv Site and indeed, this show will begin to air on October 27th. You can have a peek of what it says on their site here:I join Nigerian parents to PROTEST as DSTV Nigeria plans to air Transgender theme soap opera for children starting Oct 27 2015:

DSTV has been airing an advert for “I am Jazz” on their TLC Channel 172 which is set to start showing on DSTV in Nigeria Oct 27.

The problem is that it is a reality TV series about Jazz, a transgender kid; an 11 year old boy who has “transitioned” into a girl.

You will agree with me that this program is not appropriate viewing for any youth in Nigeria; talk less of our young children.

Please let’s stand up to protect our children and the moral fibre of this country.

Join in this protest by sending an email to the National Broadcasting Commission atinfo@nbc.gov.ng and complain on their websitehttp://nbc.gov.ng
It’s time to take a stand people, this has little to do with parental controls on the remote controls because one day, even that could fail us and then what are we left with? Engage the NBC. If they can ban Nigerian Musical Videos, they need to take a position on this too.

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