How to Start a Clothing Line and Market it in Nigeria Pt 1


Many people dream of becoming a famous fashion designer and seeing their clothing showcased on the most prominent and prestigious runways in the world. While fame and fortune may not come to most designers, it is very possible to launch a clothing line that is commercially successful. Starting and marketing a clothing line takes a great amount of time and effort, but it may be the perfect venture for someone passionate about fashion.

Step 1
Write a business plan. In it, analyze your competitors, start-up costs, costs for the first three years of the business, and how you plan to grow and expand your business. For help writing a business plan, contact udeozo

Step 2
Specialize in a certain type of clothing; this will determine your niche and target market. For instance, you can make toddler, plus size, teen, formal men’s or maternity clothing. Assess your market’s demand for your niche to ensure it’s feasible. For example, a line of organic cotton, custom African native wears  may not be in demand in Minnesota, but they could do well in demand in Lagos, Accra etc.

Step 3
Define your target market after choosing a niche. Consider how the people who purchase your clothes think, their buying habits, demographics and what media they pay attention to. For example, if you decide to launch a line of humorous teeshirts for toddler boys, your target market may be young mothers, likely age 18 to 30, who pay attention to pop culture media outlets, are likely to read parenting magazines and who have disposable income.

Step 4
Obtain the training and educational background needed to design your line. This will depend on your talents and current knowledge. Many designers are self-taught but can benefit from a few business courses, while others have no design, textile or fashion industry knowledge at all. If this is the case for you, enroll in a college or university that offers fashion design courses.

Step 5
Pick a business model for your clothing line. You can either sell it yourself, sell it wholesale-only to retailers, or be a retailer and wholesaler of your clothing line. If you plan to sell your own line, you have the option of opening a brick-and-mortar store or an online storefront.

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