BrandingYou’ve created a unique and dynamic business offering – you’ve got a product, a service, or both…  and you know people are going to love what you do. The people closest to you think you’ve developed something great and now you believe it’s time to give it a boost. Couple questions though – will other people out in the world immediately grasp who you are and what you’re offering? Have you got a solid brand? If you can’t shout a big ‘Yes’ to these questions maybe investing some time and energy in your branding now will help with your future success.

We had the opportunity to interview Erynn Lyster, a branding strategist and owner of Urban Motif Design Inc. of Calgary, as well as Owner/Proprietor at The Commons Calgary – a boutique co-working space located in the historic Ramsay Design Centre. Here’s what we discussed:

What is branding?

Branding is a hard concept to define. We make the assumption that it’s the logo and visuals only. It’s more than that. For example, look at a person and see how they are dressed – the clothes, the style, etc. You can’t know that person by what they’re wearing, they’re more than that. The clothes are the window dressing. It is in knowing their personality that you really get to know the person. Branding is the same. The logo and visuals are the window dressing. Your business has a personality and that needs to be conveyed for people to trust you.

What branding advice do you have for someone launching a crowdfunding campaign?

Knowing your business personality will help you differentiate your business in the crowdfunding marketplace. Because personality is not easily changed, if you are clear what your business personality is, you will be better equipped to attract who you really want to do business with and gain their trust (which is HUGE when you’re trying to raise money through crowdfunding).

Other tips to getting your branding just right:

  • Know your target audience, company goals and company objectives
  • Have a professionally designed logo
  • If you have physical products make sure your imagery of those products is top notch
  • If you offer services, ensure each service is described clearly and convincingly
  • Create a great online presence with a well designed and content-rich website and social media profiles
  • Always maintain consistent tone and voice with your messaging

Happy business-building!

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