writing-introduction-of-your-dissertation-proposalA salon proposal can be as simple as two pages words or voluminous as 100+ page. It does not mean that, it can win you that contract or persuade that investor. What is more important in your proposal, in which you must consider very well are: who’s is the writer, who is the reader and what is the content of the proposal.

Who is the writer? This question include YOU, i mean YOU. There are three ways to get your proposal;
You can write it by yourself if you have the time and have knowledge of how to write proposal. With microsoft office package, you can achieve a well comprehensive proposal.

You can give the assignment to a professional to write for you. In this case a salon expert who’s also business manager is adviceable because the terrain of salon industry is quite different from other sector. Therefore, you need someone that have clear understanding of the industry or you can purchase business plan software.I think offers more than 100 proposal cheapest software and easy to edit and modify into your taste.
Who is your reader? This is not only applicable to proposal but any form of writing. You must put your reader in mind. However, for your salon proposal, you must know the kind of person reading your business plan. Let consider few categories of people and how you can present it to them:
Bankers: you are interested in securing loan. They were interested in protecting their investment. Writing to this people, your proposal must be well researched, the content must involves graphs, tables, business analysis, balance sheet and every contents that indicate or show your proposal’s potential to repay the loan. Your choice of writing style must be straight and active.

Family & Friends: these set of people is emotionally attached to you, hence your proposal must be package in a way that appeal to their emotional feelings.Most times,they are not interested in large figure of your proposed profit therefore, contents like graphs, tables, analysis ratio,etc may not neccessary. Your writing style should be passive and appealing. Note that your family or friend can also be a banker or financial expert, it is your duty to predict how S/he is going to review it; as a banker or as brother! Once you know this, you can blend the content to suit the reader.

Investor: These calibre of people are not solely interested in how beautiful or well document your proposal is, they look beyond that. Investor interest is to see his money growing over years therefore he need to examine your character, charisma and competency in handling the business. At this point, you must also be a good speaker in addition to being a good writer.You can present thesame proposal you wrote for bankers. Likewise be prepare to defend it. You do more of talking to this category of people.

What is the content? Your reader determines the content of your proposal. There is what it seems to be general format in writing proposal. The company summary, executive summary, mission and vission statement, Product and service summary, market survey and analysis, marketing and competive strategy etc. All these elements is differ from one proposal to another, so is the way and manner it is researched and written.

Now, you can see why your proposal is not convincing enough to win or woo the investor. Send us your proposal, let review it together.

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