Free Cash” How to Produce Paint and Make Millions Pt 1

Paint BucketHave you ever had a dream to own your own profitable business, but lack the knowledge of how, or may be you don’t even have the resource or capital to begin with. If your answer is yes, then I can show you how to start a profitable producing company hear in Nigeria with all the knowledge you need to know and minimum capital input.

Dear udeozochibuzo Blog reader or should i say also dear entrepreneur

My Name is udeozo chibuzo a seasoned entrepreneur,  Would you like to become financially independent? Do you dream of owning your own production business, are you looking for a business that can generate good return and very easy to do.  Then look no further, because everything you need to it, is right here. Paint production is a fast growing market that is virtually open to everybody. There is thousand of business out there to start from home and some are legit and majority are scam. Friend I will like you to take away tradition and fear, because what am about to show you will open your eye. Some people mistakenly think that “paint production is for those who can install large factory and high investment; they’re not for regular people like! –But you couldn’t be more wrong…. In fact who ever you are can start producing paint with the just low investment and technical know how.  And best of all is that to do so …..

It doesn’t matter the knowledge you have

·        You do not need business experience
·        You have no boss
·        It require just N 8,200 or less with guarantee profit return
·        It require simple procedure
With the simple Guild to Paint Making, you can
·        Make emulsion paint for over 2,000 colour
·        Texture/Texcote  paint of different kind
·        Wall satin, the most sought after paint, make by few producer in Nigeria. 0ne drum(big paint bucket) sell for N27,000 and above
·        How to make paint without  using machine
·        How to set up your own factory from scratch (all you need is just a mixing machine) and get you chemical
·        How to market your product in less than a day

I sincerely welcome to this course. we shall be treating how to produce all kinds of paints from emulsion, textcoat, and Satin otherwise called nylon or washable paint. lets get started.
Emulsion, Textcoat and Satin (nylon paint)

Introduction of chemical
These are the chemical to be used in the production of emulsion paint<br />
1. Water
2. Titherni (used only for the production of white paint)
3. Calcium carbonate (Calcium)
4. Colourite
5. P.V.A
6. Formalin
7. Nitrosol
8. Ammonia
9. Hydrosol
10. Marble dust
11. Acrydext
Others include
12. Geniple
13. K14
14. Bama cork

Functions of the chemicals
1.    water
Water is used to mix all the chemicals together. It must not be a hot water. You can use any type of clean and neat water with normal water temperature. However, I prefer soft water to cold water. It helps to mix the paints more easily.
2.    Titherni
It is whitening chemical in powdery form. You can always get it where they are selling paint chemical, or rather industrial chemical. Just ask of titherni it will be given to you. It performs the function of making sure that you with paint is shining and not dull. This is the secret of some big names in painting industry. We shall give you the ratio down the line. It is only used when you are producing with paint. That does not mean you cannot use it in other colours but the function is more significant in white paints.
3. Calcium Carbonate
This chemical is also in powdery form. It is packaged in bags and they write CalCo on it. It is made by so many companies, I would not like to advertise any but just ask of calcium and it will be given to you.
Now calcium carbonate is of two or types
We have delomite and cacite. Both are good but delomite is recommended if you are producing pure white paint and cacite is better in off white (dirty white) paint.
4.    Colourite
This is the most important of the entire course. It involves the ability of mixing some colours to get a desired result. It is not difficult at all if you have initiative and artistic eye.
These are the colours we have in raw form ( please permit me to call them primary colours because all other colours in the painting industry is gotten from them)
They are: yellow ( we painters call it cream), Red, Black, Blue, and Green. All other colours are gotten from a combination of one or two of these.
What about White paint? You might ask. Well we do not need to have a pure white colour because, we make our paints with CalCo and it gives us white naturally. In fact once you put your calcium in water you get white paint. I hope that is clear.
We shall cover how to mix the paints to get particular result. But for now just know that colours can be found in paste or oxide. When we say colours are in paste we mean that they are in condensed liquid form (like your pomade), when they are in oxide it means they are in dust form (like your wife’s powder). A colour like cream has both oxide and paste. Red and black are mostly in oxide, green and Blue are in paste. For those who might be wondering which one to use between the yellow oxide and yellow paste, I suggest that if you want the colour you are producing to be deep yellow like MTN colour, you should use paste, otherwise use oxide.
CAUTION: you MUST dilute the colours very well with a little water before you apply it to your paint. For example if you get a red oxide, pour a cup of water in a different container mix thoroughly. If not, your paint will be having dotted stains as you roll it on the wall.
5.    P.V.A.
This chemical is very important. I guess you might have seen a situation where after painting a building, when you rub your hand on the surface it will be dusting. That is as a result of ill usage of this liquid formed chemical. In my experience, some big names in the painting industry do not even know how to use it. But you not worry, I will tell you and who know you might become their next consultant.

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4 Responses to Free Cash” How to Produce Paint and Make Millions Pt 1

  1. Anonymous says:

    stop deceiving people, your presentation above revealed your low level of paint knowledge. kindly talk to the professionals

  2. Meshack says:

    Thanks but not clear yet. So want to be cleared.

  3. justice says:

    hw can i get this product and hw much can it cost me to start this busenes

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