The Keke Cash- Tricycle Transportation a Big Business in Nigeria

kekkeThe is one topic I’m excited to talk about,
The leasing of tricycles(keke) is another way of empowering any unemployed, underemployed or interested member of Nigerian society to a level where he can create a measurable and verifiable value in society in order to earn daily bread.

”People you don’t need to physically drive this keke your self if you wish, all you need do is enter into a lease agreement with a trusted driver, who will make weekly payments into your bank account.”

Additionally, this keke may not just be a tool for earning sustenance and daily bread; if properly planned and organized, it is a formidable vehicle for wealth creation in the Nigeria. The subsequent owners and operators are to become successful small business owners.

These are the reasons we are introducing these service in the wealth creation chain at my Business Round Table Sessions.

The use of tricycles in the present economic constraint within the country has been on the increase and it has been supportive in many ways, some of which are:

1. It offers mobility support for the Nigerian masses.
2. It is a source of income to those who need/acquire it.
3. It reduces ever-growing expenses of the masses by providing a cheaper means of transportation.
4. It saves time for the working masses.
5. It is more comfortable to ride reducing stress on the user.
6. It offers the beneficiary/user the opportunity to save and achieve greater things.
7. The rate of accidents on tricycles is very low compared to motorcycles (a.k.a. okada).
Other benefits to the beneficiary/user are:
8. It provides the opportunity for the beneficiary to acquire assets with little or no initial capital.
9. It will boost the morale of the beneficiaries.kekeThis keke can be bought between N150,000- N250,000 depending on the vendor you purchased it from, and can give you a weekly income of N15,000- N20,000, if you enter into a hire purchase agreement with your driver, you should expect a total sum of N700,000 in 8months for each of the keke. Guys-if you need a fund scheme to purchase one of these keke, you will have the opportunity to meet the financing company at my Business Round Table (BRT) and they we work out a re payment scheme for you, these offer is limited and subject to terms and conditions of the financing company.

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3 Responses to The Keke Cash- Tricycle Transportation a Big Business in Nigeria

  1. mrs ezeh says:

    hello chibuzo, can you connect with an organisation that can lease the vehicle for a group of individuals.thanks

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