Meet The Nysc Corp Member Who Struck Gold in Her Place of Primary Assignment

june-ebube1One story that puts a smile on my face always is the wonderful story of Miss June Ebube, this graduate from the University of Nigeria Nsuka, after been posted to Uyo for her mandatory NYSC (National Youth Service Corp) dazzled the entire south’ southern Nigeria with her indigenous clothing line ‘JOON Clothing’’, Made in Nigeria, By Nigeria, for Nigeria. She never started as a tailor, but simply leveraged on the expertise of qualified tailors, who transcend her sketches, into reality and the label JOON was born.

Making her entrance into the fashion world in September 2012, at the Trendy Culture Fashion Competition, Abuja and taking home the prize. She has also showcased in Akwa Ibom and Calabar. She have been opportuned to work with Mai Atafo, James Brendan, Bubbai Styling, Chika Emmanuel of Elite Models, Ngozi Ugo and GI Modeling Agency, placing JOON on the centre stage as a fast rising Nigerian label.

Now she is an employer of labor and runs her own factory, her clothing label brings out creativity through our indigenous fabrics. She believes in playing around with texture and colors and always makes sure her clients are overwhelmed by what she creates and love her work. one of the reasons I put up this story up is, this 21 year old has proved to Nigeria and beyond that you don’t necessary have to wait for a job while serving as a corps member or even as a student, you have the ability to create one  and become an employer of labor’  aspiring entrepreneurs face extinction all the time, infact one out of 10 aspiring businesses survive in 5 years. But you don’t have to be scared Dr. King said you don’t need to see the entire stairs just take the first step ‘well-done June proudly Naija”

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