See How Cold Water Starch is Been Produce’ The Process for Business”

starchhhPackaging materials

Cold water starch can be packaged in sachet, bottles and spray cans depending on the type. Cartons are also needed for bulk packaging. Sizes of packs should depend on market demand. However, 20g, 25g, 30g, 50g sachets are in the markets 0.5 litres, 1 litre and 4 litres packs for the liquid type can be found. The aerosol type include 250mls, 450mls, 500mls etc. The packs are well labeled with the appropriate information like maker, quantity, registration etc.

Space Required

The standard requirement is a minimum of four rooms excluding a cloakroom. However, a cottage scale can start with a room or two. Bigger scale will require bigger space.


A skilled hand can produce up to 1 ton of the product per day if the system is automated. Far less will be make if operation is manual. Except about 250kg of finished and package product for manual operation by one hand.

There are three or four stages of making cold water starch depending on where you start from some of these stages can be omitted by a small scale to save cost.
Cold water starch powder

starch(a) Modification of raw starch methods
Dry method: Here the roller mills are heated to above 1000C. The raw starch mixed with ash is fed into the rollers. The starch gells as it rolls over the hot cylinders of the rollers. The gelled starch now in cakes or flakes are collected and grinded in the pulveriser. Perfume and colorant may be added at this stage.

Roller formulation: 50kg batch
Cassava (or other) starch – 49.5kg
Soda ash (optional) – 0.5kg
Total – 50 kg

This mixture is rolled in the hot cylinder of the rolers

Pulveriser formulation: 50 kg batch

Gelled starch mixture – 50 kg
Colourant (optional) – 1 TSP
Total – 50kg

The mixture is grinded

The grinded starch is now packed in the required sachets and cartons for sale. This method is expensive because of the cost of the rollers.

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2 Responses to See How Cold Water Starch is Been Produce’ The Process for Business”

  1. Anonymous says:

    No procedure? it does not make sense when there’s no method for the ingredients listed ,even the ingredients are not complete. Sheew!

  2. victor says:

    im interested in learning the production of this cold water starch(powder).please what does it take and how do i go about it? thanks.

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