Read How to Make The Journey to Financial Freedom as an Enterpreneur

confidence-hypnosis1.jpgLast week, I ask my younger brother what he understood by the word “system” I was asking him about the system that makes the human body. It takes him less than two minute before he could finish explaining how the whole systems help the physical body to function effectively. But one thing he was not able to answer is “what will happen if one of the body system fail to function”. Let say the respiratory system.

You are right,

breathing won’t be that easy which means death, except the person uses oxygen and that will requires money.

The body and business do go the same way.

Now imagine a business without a system. How would it be?

I cringe when I heard some Nigeria calling themselves businessmen or business women in Nigeria.

Ask them what makes them an enterpreneur? one of the things they will tell you is that ” i have a shop, i open any time and close any time, i dont work under anybody” Although this are some of the benefits of being an enterpreneur, but that alone doesnt qualify one as a successful business owner.

You dont agree with me? let assume that i own a shop that fetch me millions of naira monthly, unfortunately for me, (i dont pray for that) i became ill that i do not have the strength to open the shop, how will the business run, let alone of how to make money for that month. That means that if i am not in the shop i cant make money, so i need to dedicate all my time to it.

By the way, why should i dedicate a lot of my time doing my business?

That looks crazy!

Have you read Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki? if no, i recommend you read the book, (You can get the book from any bookshop in Nigeria) because when you read this book you will know whether what qualifies you as an enterpreneur.

According to him, he highlight that the main thing that qualifies you as a business owner is the word “System”

You might be familiar with the word, but it might look strange to you.

Have you been to the eatery? Well, don’t mind me I am just kidding. Everybody likes going there including me but the fact is that we never look beyond what is going on in the eatery apart from the food they sell.


From the moment you step out of you car and set to open the door, you will see someone who is designated to open the door for you to go in, the moment you go in, you will meet someone at the counter who is designated to sell you whatever you want. And don’t forget that the chair you sit on, is the work of another person to make it clean. What about those that are designated to run the company.

You will realise that they are all working for one person – The Big Boss or a group of people.

Now imagine if the owner of the company decided not to use the system of employment by working alone, how much wealth will he accumulate in one year? compare the work done by five hundred people to work done by five people.

Apart from Wealth, Owning a system makes one free unlike working alone because it will enable you to leverage some people’s time and effort. in Nigeria Time is a very important as money. instead of staying the whole day in a shop, you can get others to do that for you, while you tackle some other thing.

Another thing is living an healthy lifestyle. Since your Health is your Wealth, owning a system instead of working alone will enable you to live an healthy life – no stress, you will be disease free. So you too can joins hundreds of healthy businessmen in Nigeria, all you need is to own a system.

Apart from freedom in every aspect of life, If Nigeria businessmen or women should plan on a sound system then, there will be employment opportunities in the country because they willl be able to delegate work to people, thereby reducing their workload.

They should also know that it is not about owning or buying the SYSTEM but it is also about paying the due to those that are working for the system.

After searching the secret to financial freedom, Onapemipo have now discovered the true secret to Financial Freedom using the SYSTEM of EMPOWERMENT instead of EMPLOYMENT.

i will be happy to share the secret with you.

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