Most Lucrative Business in Nigeria

success.jpgAre you looking of starting a Small business or a micro-business this year then I think this information is meant for you.


Looking for the most Profitable Business might be a very great task most especially in Nigeria and if care is not taken one might be a victim of circumstances and I don’t pray you should fall among. Presently the country is facing some challenges in some area like Electricity; transportation even communication. And all these areas do affect business which also affects the development of the country. In fact some people who hope to defeat the word “MODERN SLAVERY” by taking the risk of establishing a business of their choice have now find it hard to carry on as a result of one problem to another (Electricity Problem, Transportation Problem, maintenance and Payroll).



Imagine that you establish a business that fetch you 12 million naira a year then that kind of business can still be consider as a profitable business that is after you have deducted all the expenses without you owing any of your workers. To be frank, getting such profit on a business requires time and God grace and some times most business doesn’t yield profit at the initial stages until two to three years. So, it is advisable that instead of establishing a business that will require huge amount of your money, time and resources without you knowing when it will start to yield profits one should seek for a ready made business or small franchise – business that have products else the business is not legitimate. And thank God that there are many ready made businesses or small franchise businesses in Nigeria. One of the main advantages the business has over any other business in the country is that unlimited money is guaranty. So, if you think that the only way one can make huge lot of money in Nigeria is by engaging in some unlawful business then you are committing a lot of error because you can make a lot of money doing a ready made business.


Other advantages are:


No staff is require which ultimately means no salary payment expenses,


No social utility payment like Electricity etc., or any other challenges most businesses,


No stress is required in doing this business,


It can be done anywhere in the world,


Little or no money is required in starting the business Little money is required in running the business depending on the type of ready made business company you are. Apart from this few advantages there are some other advantages that will require much of my time if I am to highlight them to you. The fact still remains we are in a business world. And only those who are in business will be financially free (wealthy). So, if you have taken a step by establishing a business of your own then I congratulate you for been wise. Onapemipo Onafuwa is an International Business. He is a member of Wealth Unlock. An Organisation that organize Seminal to people or are ready to take full control of their time. To participate in one of our wealth seminals that take place nationwide. contact us

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