Corporate Slave a New Form of Slavery”


Slavery may be illegal today in every country, but it exists and is actually growing rapidly throughout the world. But unlike the slaves of the past, the new slaves are not seen as long-term investments. Instead, slaveholders view them as cheap, requiring little care, and in the end, disposable. But one thing remains the same: violence. People are still taken by force and held against their will through fear. Take a look at the economic and social forces that sustain slavery, from the corruption of local governments to the complicity of multinational corporations.

So as my last year of college winds down, I’m starting to think about employment for after I graduate. To be honest, the coming change is kinda scary. I’ve never been paid anything above a wage before, and the idea of someone paying me thousands of dollars a year to do something blows my mind. I’m not sure if I’ll be good enough to do whatever it is I need to do. As if the job market was not already tough, I have a few…..principles…I refuse to compromise on. My biggest fear is becoming a wage/corporate slave. I would rather starve than worship some evil overlords and thank them that in their mercy they allowed me to become their slave in return for barely enough money to live.

I refuse to prostrate myself before my employers, or potential employers. The relationship will be balanced, or there will be no relationship at all. I refuse to have my cellphone turned into a leash my boss holds tightly in his hand. I refuse to work in a barren cubicle that constantly reminds me how tenuous my employment is, that I could easily be replaced tomorrow.

I refuse to grovel for my vacation time. If I put in the hours, it’s mine. I refuse to work unpaid hours to prove my loyalty to a company that has none for me. I refuse to work in a top-down, one way communication, management environment. I refuse to tolerate abusive and screaming bosses. I refuse to spend the vast majority of my life working a job I hate in the hopes that when I am old I can retire and be happy for the 10 years before I die.

Live free or die. empower your self today.

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