‘Thinking Big’’ A Motivational Pill for The Fulfillment of Life Goals

donald-trumpI was so thrilled when I read the book ‘Think Big’ coauthored by Donald Trump and Bill Zanker. It so motivated me to the point that my legs were moving even as I was still reading the book. Till this day, I highly regard this book as a motivational pill for the fulfillment of life goals. The insights on how to succeed both in business and in life is so impactful. The book contains teachings from persistence to passion to love. But of all these, one thing strikes my interest the most – the principle of starting small. To me, this means always putting your best foot forward no matter how limiting or limited your resources are at that given time.

A quick look at Donald Trump today may suggest to most people that he was lucky and fortunate to have acquired all the successes he’s known for. I must say here that I completely agree that Trump is a lucky man but the truth is – he created his own luck! Donald Trump demonstrated a great understanding and applications of the basic success principles in business and life which are – think big, start small, improve on it, and gain momentum.

While he was a student, he started by buying and renovating single residential homes and later selling them. After graduation, he accompanied his dad to construction sites where he acquired first hand real knowledge in negotiation, project management and real estate financing. When he later started out on his own, he only have with him the big picture of the Trump Organization in his mind. He would walk into a business meeting, not deterred that he was the only staff of the Trump Organization, and end up educating everyone in attendance. Even when the city of New York was in its worst financial state, he went about encouraging others to have hope. He knew he had to go out and do something everyday no matter how little it was. While still waiting for that big break in his career, he invested in building up alliances with lawyers, contractors, bankers, venture capitalists and engineers. He also made friends with some government officials. His forces of alliance in addition to himself (his personality and guts) and his previous works formed the perfect solid isosceles triangle which gave him the winning edge and announced him a champion when the right time came. The secret to him becoming a successful person is simple – Trump applied the basic principle of starting SMALL.

Today, this same principle is still much in use and effective. Many people have applied it in various areas of their lives. In marriage, business, academics, finance, sports etc. and they are witnesses to the tremendous results they got. The good news is that you too can do the same. Applying this principle has seen me from starting out as a contract sales executive to a full-time sales supervisor to a manager and now a consultant. Have you been thinking you have wasted a lot of time and therefore stand no chance? Guess what? You can start today by doing one small thing at a time and make a new sweet ending. Is there anything you have passion to do but seems to be afraid of how to start? The truth is, if an airplane does not take off it would not get to its destination. I like to call this simple process the principle of accumulation. Now ask yourself, what skill (or sets of skills), what level of fitness, what knowledge, what social status or what investment would you love to acquire in 6 months or one year period. Whatever that is, set your eyes on the finishing line, think BIG, start SMALL and work on it every single day. Take it one step at a time starting from where you are today!

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