Cash Spiner” Polyethylene or Sachets Printing Business

purePure Water Business is of two types: Bottled Water and Sachet Water Businesses respectively. We offer consultancy and setup services in both. The difference between these two is only in the packaging; while one packages with plastic bottles, the other packages with polyethylene sachets otherwise referred to as cellophane/nylon bags. Bottled water is drinking water, carbonated water, mineral water, distilled water, spring water, artesian well water, or de-ionized water packaged in plastic bottles or glass bottles. Sachet Water (aka pure water) is the same quality as purified bottled water, packaged in nylon bags of 0.5L.The information you see here is updated every fortnight so as to give you the most up-to-date information about the Water Packaging Industry.For a more up-to-date article on Sachet/Bottled Water Business, and for the Bottled Water business plan, feasibility study and guide, please check my blog on

Irrespective of source or packaging, without adequate clean water one suffers dehydration and eventual death. Water provides the medium in which all biochemical reactions take place. Pure portable water is very essential for healthy living. It has no substitute. The only way to produce this pure water is via treatment.

The demand for safe drinking water in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized, considering the inability of the governments to provide adequate pipe borne water to a major chunk of the populace.

Up till the late 90s, the most popular way of packaging water was hand-tied cellophane sachets of tap water usually called “pure water” and sold for N1.00. Though this aspect of packaging water is simpler, cheaper and enhances easy entry and exit, provided higher turnover because of the cheapness of the products, it was been abused by a lot of people.

purAt the turn of the new millenium, a more organized means of production of pure water emerged and gradually took over: although this time with sealed polyethylene sachet type of packaging, it inherited pure water as its name from the older means which shortly disappered. All this while, the bottled water brands like SWAN Spring Water were in existence but since its cost was out of reach of the poor majority, pure water became the new order.

Well-packaged water in these plastic bottles or food-grade polyethylene sachets has so far become a ready alternative for the growing population of over 150 million people. Pure packaged water attracts patronage from hotels, schools, market places, hospitals, stadiums etc. No doubt water has been found to be the fastest selling commodity in Nigeria today.

Considering the increasing need for good quality drinking water packaged under very stringent hygienic condition as well as the the costly effect of water borne diseases like craw-craw, worm infections, water blindness, dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid fever, cholera to mention but few, it becomes paramount to go for clean (pure) water packaging business to deliver Nigerians this high-demand product called Pure Water in local parlance.

From the above, investment into innovative purification and packaging of portable (colorless, odorless and tasteless) drinking water has turned out a very lucrative business.

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