See The Money Spinning Business in ”Nigeria Suya Roasted Meat”

A man arranges sticks of meat on a mud pSuya business in parts of Nigeria is one fast-moving enterprise which enjoys a wide patronage especially in the major cities where the social life is on the high side.

From the East to West, North to South, the enterprise is acquiring a significant development through patronage at the roadside, hotels and the green areas of the metropolis where many enterprise managements employ men or contract them to make the delicacy which adds pep to their social business.

For the chefs who produce the delicacy made of many animal parts including the kidney, liver, beef and more which are usually spiced to attract patronage and good taste, it has become one famous enterprise whose market is always booming once the cash is there.

Suya making which is usually prepared with firewood is now attracting the use of fuel generators and uniform in running the business to enhance the necessary attraction and hygiene.

The use of generators in the preparation is gaining attraction, as many people ask if actually the business is worth the extra expenses and if it does, who bears the burden of the additional expenses.

For 27- year- old Lawan Yakubu who has been in the business for over eight years, the development has been due to the pattern of demand in the market.

“Before now, a suya man would open his business in the morning just like any other businessman to sell to customers but it has been discovered that people do not usually consider it necessary to relax and eat suya, but they visit the restaurant at lunch hour to eat solid food. However when they close from work for the day, they can then look out for relaxation places such as Suya spots to cool off the hectic time in the office. So, we have to adjust to the new trend in order to meet up with the demand,” Yakubu said.

It is now becoming a common pattern to see Suya points attached to relaxation houses because this adds a great value to the evening hour social engagements when friends and acquaintances relax with some drinks and even buy the product home for their loved ones.

Yakubu stated that Suya, which is widely consumed from time to time will continue to stand the taste of competitiveness of the market no matter the extra cost incurred in running it. He revealed that the use of fuel in the business is to develop the production in their various places including market, school, church areas and plazas where customers patronise.

Yakubu, a father of seven children said he started the business in Kano with as low a cost as N10, 000 excluding the cost of his local stove and the open space where the meat is usually displayed inside a glass container. However, he said time has changed as he has invested much in the enterprise which is giving him good money to maintain his family.

“The business I started in the last month of 2004 was not an easy task due to inadequate capital. The first time I roasted my Suya, I shared one ram with nine people who have been in the business before me. I was given a small part of the meat depending on the money I contributed. But as time went on, I started developing my business with the profit made from it within the reasonable period of time before relocating to Abuja.” He said

He hinted that the demand for product differs from city to city, explaining that big cities like Lagos, Abuja, and Port- Harcourt attract high demand than the remote places.

“My income increases appreciably when I relocated to Abuja in 2010. I discovered that more income people receive more money and spend. Truly Abuja city is a city that has added colour to my Suya business.

“I spend my morning time in other engagements but the moment it is 5: pm, I will divert to my suya business, and between 5: pm and 10: 30, customers do come and in a night, I usually go home with between N5, 000 and N6, 000 profit.” He added

He revealed that any serious- minded suya businessman can conveniently save big money if the person spends wisely.

“No matter how much additional cost incurred in running the suya business in terms of buying apron or uniform for identification, foil paper or newspaper for wrapping, fuel, garnishing ingredients such as tomatoes, cabbage, onion, pepper and others, the seller must recover the expenses and still make attractive profit because the more attractive your suya is, the more money customers pay to eat”. He concluded

Finally, Yakubu said the business is a self-employing profession especially in this era when self employment is being encouraged by government.

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