GEJ Enter In Style ‘Shamful to The UN

Nigeria, which has failed to return university students back to school, and with a president, who has failed to focus on implementing the UN ( where he will be a guest today) Millenium Development Goals, sending a record 600-man delegation to the 68th General Assembly in New York, Of course I understand the righteous indignation of so many Nigerians.
But I have decided to look at the brighter side of life while maintaining my conviction that this current administration is a “one chance bus journey” until at least 2019- chai….
Anyway, I still don’t think the president is stupid. In fact, he can be hilarious. Just look at the pictures and you will understand the wisdom of the president. If there is no school lunch, the president might as well take his own sandwich and that’s exactly what he did- he brought his own crowd; and they are 600 in number.
Also, I discovered that the First Lady stayed behind him this time around, unlike last year when she came out first and breached presidential protocol- she is learning on the job. Hehehehehe.
Also, the president decided to visit the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to ring the closing bell and tell the world that Our economy is growing by 7%; even if we don’t have electricity; unpaid wages, 40% unemployment, Boko Haram retaliating deaths of their members in high military casualties and University students out of school.
Anyway, Does it really matter? After all the president knows the names of all the corrupt people in Nigeria but “he won’t mention their names because he doesn’t want to make them angry.” It seems that since GEJ became president of Nigeria, the presidency no longer includes the tittle “Commander in Chief.”
Imagine me, commanding the most brutal military force below the Sahara and I know people stealing from me ( sorry, from my country) and I would only mention their names only when I am giving them national awards?
Mr president, we know them too; most of them were in the group you gave national honours last year…surprise…surprise? Hehehehehe. Ok folks, If you don’t like this “600 men and women delegation” story and the 3 Dangote load trucks) sorry I mean 3 fully loaded Arik Planes to New York , then start raising fund for the 2015 project. At least I fit address the UN without a script… Na wetin? (MIU, Sept. 2015).

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