Finally Unveiled! The Road Map to Success

I have a real estate marketing business and the name of our company is DRIVEN Marketing Group Inc. The keyword there is “DRIVEN”, and no, that is no coincidence.

When we first conceptualized the company, we knew that part of being successful is your drive to succeed. If one person is not DRIVEN to get what he dreams of, most likely, he will not get it. We knew that we need people who are equally as driven as we are. We need salespersons who really want to achieve their dreams. People who will really stand up to the challenge because they want to achieve more in their life.

“DRIVEN” in our company name is not just a word, it is actually an acronym to the things one need in order to be successful in business.

D – etermined: You should be Determined to achieve personal growth. In any business, be it a real estate marketing business that involves sales, a traditional business like a spa or a laundry where you market and your clients walk-in to your store to  store to avail of your services, or any other non-traditional business types, there will always be different types of customers, different experiences, and different problems that may arise. You should withstand all these situations and as you go along, you become better. You grow as a person.

R – esponsible: You should be Responsible in giving quality service. Every client we encounter should experience the best service we can give them. They worked hard for their money, therefore, they deserve to be treated well when they pay you for your product or services. I bet you’ve heard of the saying “The Customer is Always Right”, I think it would be better if we say “The Customer is King”. The reason is that, whether we like it or not, our customers gives life to our business. Without them patronizing your products/services, you will never survive. Of course, they are the consumers, and they are the one who makes the purchase.

I – nnovative: You should be Innovative in providing solutions. Not all the time that things will go your way. Most of the time, they do not! Then what if this happens? What if shit comes along your way? What if things do not come the way you’ve expected it? Are you just gonna give up easily? Being in business is exciting and one of the reasons is that you can just tweak a little bit of things that are already been done. You can innovate from an existing business idea and build your own brand!

V – ersatile: You should also be Versatile in any given situation. Yes I understand that businesses have their standard rules and regulations as well as the pricing scheme in your stores. But there are some instances that you have to be creative and go out of your comfort zone in order to make the sale and make your customers happy. There can be special cases in which you need to decide and adjust for the better.

EN – trepreneurial Mindset: You should also think and act like an ENtrepreneur. In business, you don’t get your rewards immediately. There is what we call “ROI” or Return on Investment. Businessmen know and accept that the money they put up at the start of the business venture would take some time before they can get it back. However, they are willing to wait. You should be too. And here is the important part that separates the successful ones to the not-so-successful businesses. Once the business makes money, THEY REINVEST IT to their business in order for it to go bigger! They practice what we call DELAYED GRATIFICATION. It is the art of self control, and it is not an easy thing to do. You might be tempted to spend your earnings, to a point that you might be over spending. Practice a good money management habit.

There’s more things that can be considered in order to be a successful entrepreneur, but I guess the above-mentioned are enough to inspire you today to go and plunge into the business world too.

Praying for your success. Say Amen!

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