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Everybody has Dreams. We all want the most out of this world. We all want to have the best experience. We want to have those awesome cars, those beautiful homes, we all want to travel around the world, have the business we’ve always dreamed of, we want to be successful in our chosen field, have more money, have a lot of savings so we can enjoy our life to the fullest. All of us have our own dreams. All of these are great! But, just how many of us actually achieve our dreams? May be less than 10% of the entire population. Why? Because most of us don’t actually write down and commit to our dreams.

You won’t achieve your dreams overnight. It requires tons of discipline, a bit of hardwork, and a very strong commitment. Okay, the title should be “How to achieve your dreams FASTER” but I chose to use this title anyway. Now I’m sharing you the things that I do and how I reached my dreams fast enough.

Your Commitment to your goals

If you want to achieve your dreams, write down goals! Back then I’ve heard from one training session I’ve attended way way back from my first year in business that the definition of Goals are Dreams with a deadline. I’ve also heard from my good friend Russ Juson of I am + Coaching and Training Systems that Goals are Dreams that you decide to commit! Yes, Commit! That’s the word that makes all the difference. Maybe you have already read or learned about writing your goals, making your dreamboard, declaring the things that you want, all of these lessons about goal setting. Well all of these lessons work. But what actually is the main reason why you would want to write your goals? How does it actually affect your performance in reaching your goals? How does it help you reach your dreams?

Well, this is my point of view; when you write your goals down, you actually COMMIT to it! Yes you commit to it! The moment you write it down, you are committing to that goal and you are compelling yourself to do what ever it takes to achieve what you’ve written there and make it a reality. Of course you want to keep your word, your word to yourself. This is a test of integrity once you’ve written it.

The Magic of the Dreamboard
Next thing you should do if you still don’t have one is to make adreamboard. A dreamboard is a board where you put pictures of your long-term dreams to it. Long-term includes things that you want to achieve after 1 year or more. You can make a physical dreamboard using a cardboard and pictures in a magazine or you can make a virtual one. Dream Big! Do not limit yourself in what you CAN achieve rather close your eyes, take a deep breath, and then DREAM of the things you actually WANT. My only request, don’t ever think of how you can achieve it, just do it!  The picture you see in my article The Magic of the Dreamboard is a sample of my Dreamboard I worked on a few months ago. All of the things I’ve placed here, I don’t know how can I achieve it, but I don’t care. All I know is I want it! And I know all of these will happen in the near future!   Great things are about to come your way.

Your next step? You place it where everyone especially you, could ALWAYS see it. Place it in your bedroom, on your cabinet’s door, on your ceiling, use it as a design on your wall, upload it on Facebook, place it in your blog, broadcast it. You put your face on the line, you put yourself on the brink of humiliation if you don’t actually achieve it! Scary? Yes it might be, but the rewards would be great! I place my dreamboard as a background image in my laptop so I can always see it.

The Power of Declaration

Once you are clear with your goals and dreams, you can start declaring it! There seems to be power in declaration. It’s again you telling the world what you want, and you are again putting your name on the line whether you will be successful or not. You might get ridiculed, you might get criticisms, and some might not even believe you can. Who cares? It’s your life, not theirs! Care more about what you want in your life. Think about your DREAMS. How much do you want it?

Now take a deep breath, inhale and exhale. Now go and get a piece of paper and write it down or open a Word document and start typing. Do it now.

Setting your Goals

As I open this year 2013, I decided to write my goals for this year. As you’ve noticed, I made goals instead of making New Year’s resolution that don’t actually work. New Year’s resolutions are made because people promise to have a new and better lifestyle. I’ve always believed that if you want to change a lifestyle or get better results, you don’t have to wait for the New Year, you do it now!

Setting yearly goals on the other hand helps me in monitoring my yearly progress and results. I have my list of goals below that I actually commit on doing this year. Click this link to view My Goals for 2013.

Goals vs. Dreams

Goals are different from dreams. Goals are step-by-step procedures on how I can be successful day by day and eventually leading to achieving my dreams.

This is how it works. Commit on a goal, a small lifestyle goal that you can do everyday, regularly, that you can build a habit into. Success is not a one time big time event. Success is doing being your best one-day at a time. That’s how you achieve your goals, small steps at a time.

Dreams are the stars that you’ve always wanted to reach and Goals are small ladder steps going to the top. Both are equally important to anyone’s success.

Monitoring your Success

The next step in goal setting is monitoring your progress. Bo Sanchezsaid that “What you focus on expands” and if you focus on your success, your success will actually get bigger and bigger. I have to confess that last year 2012, I really didn’t monitor my goals, and as a result, my figures are all in all time low. As an example, I’ve only sold about P32 Million worth of properties. From my previous years of selling, when I am tracking my sales progress, I don’t even go down the P50 Million mark. That’s at least 36% drop of sales production and that’s a big loss! That’s just a basic example of not committing to your goal and not even monitoring it.

I’ve set up a separate page in my website just to monitor my progress in relation to my goals I’ve committed. With this, it gives me a feedback mechanism if I’m on track or if I am lagging behind. In this way I can decide to step up a notch if I am under performing and also celebrate if I am doing well.

Now go write down your goals and start committing to your future, and then broadcast it. Even if you don’t achieve what’s written there, I bet you’ve still achieved a lot and maybe close to what you want. Write your goals and do it now! Always remember that every second you waste is like throwing away your future. Do not waste your precious time anymore and start working on your goals.

Praying for your Success,

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