Bulk SMS Business Another BIG Business in Naija

sms3 Successful “Bulk SMS Business Experts” Reveal…Amazing Secrets You Can Use To Build A “Profit Pulling” Bulk SMS Business That Attracts 1-5 Paying Customers Daily… You Can Start Yours Immediately With Only N3500 Capital

If you are interested in starting a “profit pulling” Bulk SMS business in Nigeria …and do it…Fast, without making silly mistakes and wasting money , then this message will make you will jump for joy.

Here is why-  You see, not only will you be learning hard- to -find NEVER revealed success secrets squeezed out of 3 successful Nigeria bulk SMS business owners. You will also discover how to easily attract paying customers daily and how to grow the business fast enough to replace your day job.

In fact, if you follow the  exclusive information revealed here ,you could start a profitable bulk SMS business in Nigeria  and in one month , grow it to be more profitable than another guy who started his bulk sms business ,6 months ago.

This is no a joke or hype .First, Why Start A Bulk SMS Business -You know, Bulk SMS business is one of the coolest and easiest online /offline business to start in Nigeria. There are many reasons for this:

1.Bulk Sms Business Is Very Profitable- You can get from 50% to 200% profit from this business. This depends on how much you buy the SMS that you will resell . There are only very few businesses in Nigeria that have similar profit potential. This is the reason why many people are rushing to go into this online business .

2. Bulk SMS Business It Is Not Expensive To Start-The biggest complain many people have about starting any kind of business is having capital .But with the bulk SMS business ,you don’t need so much capital.

You can start with as low as N3500. (Price of a pair of jeans) .This is absolutely true. I will show you how. Compare this to many other kinds of businesses that require N100 000, N200 000, N500 000 or N1 000 000 to start .You can start now just using your pocket money.You don’t need to get loan from anyone or any bank.


3. Bulk SMS Business Is Easy to Set Up-You do not need to know how to build a website, or any complex technical thing to set up a bulk SMS site. Everything will be handled for you by your dealer.Technical skills can still help BUT is not required. Bulk SMS business does not really require having an office. You can run in from the comfort of your home, in cyber cafes or anyway you choose, It is a business that is easy to set up and administer. Other businesses require spending lots of money on rent for office space, office furniture, tools and more.You don’t need all these for bulk SMS business.

4. Bulk SMS Business Is Not Very Time Consuming Another cool thing about this business is “this business is not time consuming” . After you set it up all you do is get customers. You can run it after going to your usual day job. You can run it only on weekends. This means you can still work your full time job while you grow your bulk SMS business .This will add to your monthly  income and ultimately, replace you day job. This business works even if you have a fulltime job or you are a student. Only very few businesses can give you this kind of leverage.

5. There is Growing Demand For Bulk SMS Services Have you noticed that more and more people now use bulk sms services to announce and invite friends to their weddings and other kinds of ceremonies? Have you noticed that many big businesses, small businesses and organizations now use bulk sms to advertise and reach their target market? Even churches and other religious organizations have now realized that bulk sms is a faster, quicker and effective way to remind their members to come to church programs. And…Although more people, churches , businesses and organizations are demanding for this services, we still have many who are not using bulk sms services yet. Guess What? This means demand for bulk sms services will continue to increase every year due to the demand and growing number of mobile phone users. Many towns , local government areas and villages still have nobody providing this service yet. And businesses are now demanding for this service .More are turning to bulk SMS for advertising their business.

This business is still very wide open.  So How Does One Start A Successful Bulk SMS Business You need 2 Important Things

  1. A bulk SMS website from a good SMS dealer
  2. paying customers

The easiest part to set up is the bulks SMS website.The Problem Most courses teaching how to start a bulk SMS business only talk about the easiest part of creating a bulk SMS business. Which is the technical part .Many Courses Never Talked About How To Actually Get Paying Customers. But Here Is A Staggering Big SECRET… This is the REAL KOKOAll successful Bulk SMS Business succeed because of “paying customers”. And paying customers come from MARKETING. Without marketing, making money from your Bulk SMS business will be like squeezing water from a rock that where reading this blog daily comes in . So How Does One Get Customers To get these answers I interviewed 3 successful bulk SMS business owners and learn all their “customer getting secrets”. I interviewed them via e-mail and phone and learn all their marketing secrets. I will reveal it on my next post stay on this blog always.

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  1. very useful information about bulk sms.

  2. Bulksms club says:

    Awesome post!! Bulk sms service for business.i like your idea.i can easy to send message from pc to cell phone.i appreciate your thought.Thank you.
    Profitable Bulk sms services

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