See How to Start a Laundry/Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria

laundryStart a Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria   – You will agree with me that in our busy schedules, the task of washing, rinsing, starching and ironing our clothes has become quiet tedious and time consuming. For that reason alone, the laundry business has become another lucrative venture in Nigeria. So are you thinking of investing your money in the laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria?  You just made a wise choice! And guess what? To start the business is not as capital challenging as we all think it is. You can actually start the business in the comfort of your home with just the basic needed equipment and materials. But just before you run off to startup your own dry cleaning business, here are a few factors you might just want to put into consideration.

laundryjjTraining: Have you noticed there is always a difference with the way we do our laundry to the professional touch somebody who offers laundry services does? So I advise you go and learn from an already existing laundry business. Learn the following:

  • How to wash different fabrics
  • How to dry clean different fabrics
  • How to iron and what heat temperature works for different fabrics
  • Folding and Packaging
  • Time management
  • Business management
  • That extra smooth touch

The success of your laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria partly depends on how well you can perform. So go through training first.

Note – There is a difference between laundry and dry cleaning. Laundry involves washing clothes using water and detergent while dry cleaning is cleaning clothes using chemicals (no water)

Register Your Business with the Corporate Affairs Commission Nigeria:  Before you render any laundry or dry cleaning services to the public make sure you register your business. It does not matter that you are still operating from your home and probably doing only house to house services. Get registered!

Laundry_2063_DSC02288Business Location:  The location of your laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria is very important. If you situate your business in a low profile area, chances are that people that reside there will rather wash for themselves and save money. However, if you locate your business in a high profile areas like busy industrial areas with housing estates, hotels, universities etc  you can be sure that if you play your cards right, you will be successful.

Capital: You can start small. To drastically reduce cost, you consider doing the following:

  • Starting business from your home
  • Buying just the basic washing tools and equipment (commercial washing supplies, hangers, tags, pressing irons, ironing table, packaging nylon, buckets, Basins, starch, Garment Conveyor , Stain removing chemicals etc)
  • A Generator Set
  • Employ one or two people

laundrybbcnbcnmdBut if you want to setup a big laundry and dry cleaning business, you will need Industrial washing machines, dryer, industrial ironing board and a higher power generator. Note – The location and size of space needed for setting up a laundry and dry cleaning business is very important. So make sure there is enough space to accommodate all your equipment and clothes. Dealing with Competition:  Try to situate your business far far away from competition but if you happen to set up your laundry business in an area where there are other similar services, be prepared to be unique in your service delivery.  Take a survey of your competitors, figure out an aspect of their service that they are not doing a good job at. Perfect on that service and you will be exclusive.

Advertising/ Customer Care:  Here are some tips that will help you get and retain your customers –

  • Offer free services  (if you are just starting the business)
  • Use special promos – Thrill them with new offers or special promos and you have got customers for life.  Promos like “wash 5 clothes for the price of 3” will draw them.
  • Home delivery – Home pick up clients clothes and deliver after laundry
  • Have customers ready on or before deadline
  • Don’t ever get customers clothes mixed up
  • Take note of your clients preferences and apply them
  • Don’t be caught arguing with your customer
  • Go beyond business services; get to know your customers as much as they will want to know you.
  • Go the extra mile
  • Fair pricing – let the rate of other laundry businesses within your area be your baseline.
  • Advertise your business – hand out your business card, brochures, flyers and by word of mouth! You can also advertise on the internet via social networks like the Facebook, alibaba, linkedin, MySpace etc.
  • And you can collect underwear  oh and charge 5 times the normal price…(looool)

So what are you waiting for? You have just been entrusted with the tips to start and run your own laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria. Are you interested in taking advantage of this money opportunities in the laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria, we have packaged a Feasibility Study on laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria in Microsoft format for you. This feasibility study contains detailed breakdown of all that required to start and manage a successful laundry business in Nigeria.

A copy of the complete feasibility studies on the laundry business cost N20, 000 only (Twenty Thousand Naira Only) for those aboard should convert to the dollar rate. To place order, send an email to me at for payment details, kindly  titile the email Laundry Business ebook. After payment You will receive your a copy Feasibility Study on laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria in your email ONLY after your payment has been verified. © 2013 copyright

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  1. Horla P says:

    Am By Name Horla P Dry Cleaner Am Looking For Where I Go Get The Chemical,

  2. BillyGrace says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Glad for this insight. I reside in Liberia. Belief this is possible here. Pls help with names and make of all equipment needed plus prices. I may need to hire an expert from Nigeria through you to help train the locals.Pls reply asap. Tks.

  4. stanley ogbaji says:

    i really enjoy this post ,i will consult you soon.good work.

  5. FADOJU,N.D says:

    Well done sir.Please send us your gsm number.Where can we buy the laundry equipment ?What are the range of prices?.What is the duration of training and fee ? Do one dig bore hole or site the business near a river ? Expecting your advice to my no 08035263111.Thank you sir.

  6. placid cheeks says:

    Cool stuff

  7. Chinedu says:

    This is such a wonderful breakdown on how I can be successful in the business,i have really learnt a lot from your tips.i will gladly put them into good use for the growth of my laundry business.

  8. ENYAOSA Joy says:

    I want to undergo training, how do I go about it?

  9. mr samuel says:

    please I need more of these, although am seeing this for the first time….. you can contact me on my resume email or phone number 08137533684. thanks

  10. adeyinka abimbola says:

    yeap,just reading this for the first time.U ve already given me all.

  11. mmaduabuchi says:

    we have skill use iron

  12. Vicayo Olayoriju says:

    great piece!

  13. Jude Igwe says:

    I have set up my own laundry service, and i really want to advertises it net, what should i do.

  14. nikky says:

    great piece

  15. Sunday Humphrey says:

    nice one professional in laundry/drycleaning pls call me for the job thanks! 09036929421

  16. Sophia says:

    P\s i luv dis,i want 2 unda go training,hw do i do dat?.

  17. Emma okello says:

    Am fully equipped only that you have not touched on the nature of the logo to be used.. Thankyou very much.

  18. Emma okello says:

    Am fully equipped. Thankyou very much.

  19. Adelaw says:

    Detailed. Thank you sir.

    However, for those who may wish to have their businesses registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, kindly contact me on: 08023865797 or 08033407197 for free advice.

  20. eclat joe says:

    i really love this article and am proud to say am a drycleaner
    this is d best business anyone can put his/her money into
    the amount of money u make every month can never be same
    it can only go higher

    I started this work when i was in high school because i am an orphan who has nobody to lean on.
    i worked in NYSC camp @iyana ipaja in Lagos, which is not far from my grandmother’s house.

    i washed more than a thousand clothes of different materials per day(khaki, trousers, shirts, T-shirts, shorts, blazers etc)
    when they are dried i iron them
    the more i did this the faster and more perfect i am.

    My boss liked me and told me he wants to open a laundry in Ibadan and would like me to manage it for him.

    As a boy who has nobody i accepted.

    We opened the laundry on 1st of June 2015 and in dat whole month we made only #2,400 naira.

    but i didn’t give up

    Am very happy to say that last month (September 2016) we made #330,950 naira

    Incase u want to do some extra findings if this is true or not, here’s my office address


    I may have not gotten to where i which to be
    i am no more where i use to be.

    I can also help you open a Laundry/Drycleaning company.

    CONTACT ME @08181788254

  21. Ada Ezeanya Raphaels says:

    pls I need to know the chemical to use in removing stains from coloured fabrics and how to get the tags thanks

  22. Anonymous says:

    Really nice article, tnks & God bless

  23. Anonymous says:

    Hello Sir, do you consultation and training?

  24. emmason says:

    were can I learn on laundry and dry cleaning in warri

  25. abdul says:

    Wao very educative thank for d infol pls notify me on my email if new update is on

  26. Ada says:

    Thank so much. It was an interesting article.

  27. rodex says:

    i like to get a detailed training please

  28. Olaniyi says:

    Thank you and were is your office situated. I really appreciate you and celebrate you for the information.

  29. Anonymous says:

    well done sir.
    please if any one is in need of a professional laundry man or a presser in portharcout call now 070 1800 8177

  30. Adeniyi says:

    I reali appreciate u sir. What i am cousign about is how to watch defferient fabric and the chemical and the tag as well

  31. beautiful article here bro; check my blog at

  32. Emmanuel says:

    This is awesome. I consider myself lucky to have stumbled on this golden piece of information worth billions of naira. Thanks

  33. Emmanuel says:

    This is awesome. I consider myself luck to stumble on this golden piece of information worth billions of naira . thanks

  34. henrietta says:

    pls is dere no reduction on dt price?,cus l think its rather too high of a fee.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful piece
    You did a good job sir

  36. john henry says:

    thank u for such a remarkable idea u sheared. am glad I login to ur side. But I still want to learn more from u guys, what are the criterial pls do let me no thank u so much.

  37. ojewale Adeleke says:

    What an amazing lucrative talk delivery so simple and quick to grasp. Keep up the good work

  38. Paschal says:

    Good job young entrepreneurship coach
    I am much interested in this business

  39. Anonymous says:

    Sir, all the comment made here u have not respond to any why?. Any way thanks for your up date ,I will like to know if u actually offer training on the subject above, if yes where , what amount,& what is d duration?. ,

  40. Dominic okolo says:

    Where and how can i get original cloth dry cleaning equiment. Both in benin city and Lagos.

    Also the issue of training; how, where and amount

  41. Ferdinand says:

    tanx 4 d info …rly appreciate..i’m concerned abt d chemicals 2 use n hw i can gt trainin on dem pls reply me tnx

  42. Tagoe Kingsley says:

    sir, A big thank you for the insight . But i still want to know if i can start in a smaller space were i cant dry cloths in the sun. i mean, does Machine do all the drying and still maintain color?

  43. This is actually a more detailed explanation than what I have written. You make the laundry business sound easy. :)

  44. Very informative post. Thanks for sharing.

  45. Anonymous says:

    nice one sir really satisfied with what i have read

  46. Kenny says:

    Thumb up for you, but I ll like to know if u offer training on it, where and at what amount.

  47. Segun ojo says:

    I like 2 be upgraded in laundry business

  48. Anonymous says:

    Thumb up sir. i would like to know if you offer training on this. if yes, at what cost and duration?

  49. Chinedu Divine O says:

    Please where can I get the machine and what’s the price in Nigeria, thanks

  50. Chinedu Divine O says:

    Thanks a lot for this great insight

  51. Thanks for sharing this particular piece of info about laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria. I would like you to talk more about the Pickup and Delivery service, for those who are starting from their home or cannot afford a shop.

    • Mr F jay says:

      Start from your area first, get the clothes from them and deliver to them. You don’t need a car for now. unless you can afford it as a startup.


    how would i differentiate clients clothes? or what are d different types of tags available


    thanks for your up date. more grace to your elbow. sir i just came up wit d idea to start laundry service though in a small way. your advice is very important to me sir.

  54. hussaini says:

    Please where do i get laundry equipment in nigeria.

    • Mojo says:

      We have good quality washing machines for those of you that want to start dry cleaning/laundry business. If you are interested in buying, contact me on 08100323825. Thanks for empowering our people chibuzo.

  55. Sunday Olasupo says:

    Am operating Dry-cleaning and Laundry services in my area . Sir I want you to update on how to serve my customers better. Thanks for your anticipated cooperation. Sunlad Dry-cleaning and Laundry services .

  56. Noviann says:

    Good evening, The picture used in this writeup isn’t for public use. If l may ask how did you get the material of the yellow and blue dry cleaning photo? Please contact me through the email. Its urgent.

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    Thankz Alot For This Wonderful And Precious IDEAL….!

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    please send me the feasibility reports on dry cleaning services

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    thanks…u just made my day

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    Quite revealing. Thanks a million. Start small and grow big…good idea

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    This is a wonderful tips. Thanks so much

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    i like this

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    Well observed!!!! See another reason why our country is highly fertile… Empowering write up you have here…. Also visit this blog if you love events

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    Guy, kudos for that master peice. Did I see your phone number?

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    this is nice man, you have done a good job.

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    Don’t be little any business idea

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