Becoming a Super Nanny in Nigeria

AA023518Become a Nanny in Nigeria – Are you good with children? Can you multi task around the house? Are you meticulous plus with an eye for details? Can you work odd and flexible hours? Do you have the slightest idea you can become a nanny in Nigeria? Yes you can! Most parents are caught up in very hectic schedules and deadlines, hence nanny jobs are in great demand and highly profitable. So stop being the good neighbor that looks after everyone else’s kids for free. Start billing for your services!

Nannies can come from a variety of backgrounds and age groups; university students to mothers of grown children.  Unlike the daycare centre, a nanny cares for a child in the child’s own home. Some job position may require only a few hours a week during the parents absence, while others will require the nanny to live with the family. The nanny’s duties and responsibilities will depend upon the client’s (family) needs and expectations. These include;

  • Changing diapers
  • Bathing
  • Caring for feeding bottles
  • Supervising baths for older children
  • Dressing children to suit the child’s activities
  • Laundry of children’s clothes
  • Planning and preparing meals/snacks for children
  • Supervising children’s meals and cleaning up after.
  • Shopping
  • Preparing and coordinating children’s activities
  • School run
  • Undertaking proper creative, educational activities with the children
  • Teach correct discipline for the children
  • Run light errands outdoors or around the house

A nanny must be: flexible, emotional mature, have good communication skills, ability to multi task, good judgment, organizational skills, high stress tolerance and a high energy level.

nannaybjikBefore you can become a nanny in Nigeria, you must know that the most important qualification a nanny can have is one of “responsibility”. Parents will be looking for applicants who show they are mature enough to take responsibility for caring for their children. Parents will expect the caregiver to be able to look after their kids just like they would. So the nanny will be in the position of acting like the parent of the child in every situation. Are you looking to find a nanny job? Here are some Do’s and Don’ts of becoming a nanny. The Do’s

Be Professional-Families expect to see that their children will be spending time with a professional, responsible individual not some miscreant off the street. So for your interview and while you work with them, dress conservatively. Do not be revealing in what you wear. Don’t come to work dressed like you are going to some weirdo party or club. The way you dress gives an impression of who you are and some mothers will make sure you don’t have another chance to correct a wrong impression. However, you should be comfortable, flat sandals, small ear rings, no painted nails, no makeup, and very little perfume will do.

nanannyGet the Facts-Before you accept any job, know everything there is to know about the job. Be sure you know what your responsibilities will be, the time your job starts every day, the number of hours you are expected to work, how much you will be paid, how you will be paid, how personal or sick days will be handled and other details of the job. Make sure all these facts are clearly written out and both parties agree and sign the contract before you are hired. Let each copy of the contract agreement be given to each party

Expect You Are Watched-If you are going to be a success in your career to become a nanny in Nigeria, then when you talk care of your clients children, act like you are being watched. Therefore be very careful of what you say and do. Don’t go using swear words when you are around the children. Kids always tend to pick up bad stuffs fast. And you should never hit a child in a bid to discipline. Regardless of how rude or uncooperative the child is, do not ever use your hand unless the parents approves. If you have a problem with this then you should not be in the industry in the first place.

nanny uiResearch Your Clients-Do not be in a hurry to take up any nanny job that you find. I recommend that as you are being interviewed by a family try as much as possible to learn what you can about them and whether you can work with them. Meaning, you are learning what their family is like and whether you would be a good match or not. If the job opening is a family with 7 children, do not just take the job because it the only one open. Be sure you can do the job because working with 7 kids is too much responsibility and stress.

The Don’t’ s

  • Do not use your phone constantly while you are working
  • Do not reveal personal information about every family you have worked for.
  • Do not let yourself become too attached to the family
  • Do not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages while you are on duty or have the stench in your breath.

In general, if you follow and apply these tips, and some common sense, you should become great nanny. Just have it in mind that the kids are your main concern and the reason you were employed as a nanny.

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3 Responses to Becoming a Super Nanny in Nigeria

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