Soap Production Business In Nigeria – Big Business

soapppYes! Soap making is BIG business now production can start from small to large scale. Read this testimony of one of the fastest growing soap makers in Nigeria and see how she racked in millions of Naira for herself.
Life was very difficult for Mrs. Lola Ajetunmobi, until she found her way into the soap making business about two years ago.
Ajetunmobi, the producer of Master Soap,(liquid soap, laundry soap, bar soap, car wash and hand wash) a multipurpose soap used for washing plates, kitchen utensils and some range of clothes, says he has every reason to relish the decision.
The entrepreneur, who produces about 15 cartons of various soaps every week, says there is nothing as good as owning one’s business, especially one that does not cost much to begin in terms of initial capital.
According to her, life can be better for anyone who engages in the business .
”I am Sharing her experience  because i want to expose you to the reality of building and growing your own business”, she says, “I started out by going to learn the art of soap making from a friend. This took me less than three months. Having understood the art of making a good soap that can meet people’s needs as well as the requisite marketing skills, I decided to raise some capital to start my own business. Today, I am doing very fine, and I am happy doing the business. Importantly, I make some good living to take care of myself and my family.”

soapOowh! guys she make a monthly net income of over ”N 500,000, now an employer of labor can you beat that”. The key issues in the business has to do with one’s ability to produce qualitative soaps as well as market same in an efficient way. Once these two criteria have been established, a prospective operator is on his way to becoming a successful soap manufacturer.
A prospective or aspiring entrepreneur can begin this business with N 100,000, excluding the cost of renting an operational location or a shop. After acquiring  the soap making skills from an existing operator, a new operator may go ahead to buy some basic equipmens  he needs

These are some of the list of the equipment needed in soap making; a mould, a cutting machine and a trimming machine. In addition, a metallic stamp is required for labeling if you wish to build your brand.
For cost reasons, locally made versions of the equipment are cheaper, it is advisable for a new operator to start with locally-fabricated equipment.
For instance a locally made three-in-one machine, which includes a mould, cutting and trimming machines, costs about N 25,000. The three-in-one machine can be used to produce, cut and trim the soaps.

Depending on the intended scale of production, about N 30,000 can be used to buy other minor tools and raw materials needed for producing the soap. Most of the raw materials are chemical in nature. Some of the basic raw materials needed for the business include caustic soda, soda ash, silicate, calcium, palm kernel oil (PKO) and perfume.
This business is viable because people make use of soap on a daily basis.

All you need to do is understand the importance of marketing, a new operator can begin in his or her neighborhood  by selling to petty traders and kiosk owners around the area.
Another way of marketing the soap, is to engage the services of young secondary school leavers, who can help in sales in some targeted areas.

soap-bars“Making a bar soap- is very easy. There are actually three types of soaps, namely: detergent, bar soap and liquid soap. Soaps used for washing plates and other things are called laundry soap, and it is a variant of bar soap.
“Becoming a producer of a bar soap on a small scale is very easy. You can start in your house; you can do it in your kitchen pending when you will get a place. A local welder can help you to do a mould, a cutting machine and a stamp, through which the soap’s name can be engraved on the soap bar.

The beauty of the business is that a new operator can start in a small way before going on a larger scale.”
An operator saves some money by buying chemicals from wholesale dealers, as opposed to buying from retailers.

Challenges – a new operator, who chooses to use a domestic location must be very vigilant and cautious, especially as regards the place he keeps the chemicals as “most of them are corrosive.”
Marketing the soaps can be very challenging. Hence, new operators must get their acts right in terms of the marketing strategies to be adopted.
because a good marketing strategy employed is crucial to the survival and growth of the business.
If this is not done right the business wil collapsed because the operator failed to dedicate enough time to it, which primarily reflects in the operators ROI. for further information or follow on twitter @udeozochibuzo

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7 Responses to Soap Production Business In Nigeria – Big Business

  1. Uwa says:

    good one dear, but where actually can I get the training done in edo state.

  2. NC Enesha says:

    Good post, but the poster had not been forthcoming on where one can purchase the three -in-one soap making machine. Why?

  3. Princess says:

    l want to learn how to produce bar soap on large scale,pls help.

    • Anonymous says:

      I produce soap and i need the three in one as well. 07033666109. Soap making has been in my family and i love soap making and i do it with passion and putting heart in it. many Soap making out there today is not it at all.

  4. JIPWA RAPHAEL says:

    were can I fine three in one machine to by

  5. It would be appreciated if you could direct one on how to get the three-in-one machine? Thanks

  6. Kofi Amona says:

    I want to learn how to produce washing soap on a large scale.

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