6 Hot University Degrees For Booming Careers World Wide PT 1

degreeeeThese degrees could prep you for careers with high job growth potential.Looking to go back to school to prepare for a booming career? You’re in luck…there are quite a few hot degree options to choose from. So what makes these degrees so “hot”? To find out, we asked a few career experts to weigh in

Hot Degree #1 – Business Administration- Find Business Admin Programs , want to pursue a degree that could lead to solid career prospects? Consider earning a bachelor’s in business administration.  Hot factor: “Business administration is one of those ‘staple’ degrees that is consistently in need,” says Dani Babb, a professor and founder of the Babb Group, an online educational consulting firm. “Whether individuals are trying to build a business or work for a company in whatever discipline they choose, a business admin degree covers the essentials.”  And what might those essentials be? Well, according to the College Board, an education organization that administers tests like the SAT, a business administration and management major could study subjects like marketing, business ethics and law, and financial management.

Potential career paths and job growth:*

  • Financial analyst: 23 percent
  • Survey researcher: 24 percent

Hot Degree #2 – Medical Assisting- Find Medical Assisting Programs, Interested in opportunities in the medical field but don’t really see yourself as a doctor or nurse? You might want to consider pursuing an associate’s degree in medical assisting. Hot factor: While most states have no formal education requirements for this gig, the U.S. Department of Labor does note that employers may prefer those with formal education. “Medical assisting is a way for those interested in the medical field to find the area they enjoy most and then further explore it as well, creating a win-win for the caregiver/student,” says Babb. On another positive note, this degree can prep you to pursue a hot career. In fact, “many health care institutions are looking for ways to cut costs while still providing quality patient care, from dentists to hospitals,” says Babb. As for what a medical assisting program entails, courses might cover medical terminology, pharmacology, and medical software applications, notes the College Board.

Potential career path and job growth:*

  • Medical assistant: 31 percent

Hot Degree #3 – Psychology – Find Psychology Programs, have a desire to study how the human brain functions? Look into earning a bachelor’s degree in the growing field of psychology.  Hot factor: “Psychology goes far beyond the couch today, making it one of the hottest degrees,” says Babb. “Many organizations hire psychologists to help bring organizational psychology as a field into their business, including the study of human behavior, motivation, and reward systems,” notes Babb.  In addition to learning more about how humans think, psychology majors typically study the way humans act, feel, and learn. According to the College Board, examples of study questions include “What are the roots of violence?” and “What is the best way to help someone with an eating disorder like anorexia?”

Potential career paths and job growth:*

  • Social worker: 25 percent
  • Survey researcher: 24 percent

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