palm jejjdePALM wine is one of the many brands of native wines drunk in Nigeria. While some other wine types like burukutu, pito and ogogoro are brewed and distilled from either wheat, guinea corn grains or even as a derivative from fermented palm wine, the particular brand called palm wine is gotten straight as sap from either raffia palm or oil palm trees.

In the Eastern part of Nigeria; and especially in the Igbo speaking area, palm wine known with many names like tombo, palmy, nwoko onye obi ocha (large hearted man), uzunma (epitome of beauty), mmiri Ara umu mbe, (breast milk for the orphan) is the number one brand. Among the Igbo people of the South East, the word wine no matter which brand of wine is being referred to, immediately translates to manya, which in its literal sense means palm wine. This local wine has the potentials of big business in Nigeria and aboard, have you ever thought of export palm wine let me take you through a little details on how to make millions investing in palm wine.

palm-wineIntroduction/market and production technology-Palm-wine is traditionally a social drink of the rural people, but in recent times, it has also become a favourite among city dwellers. The palm trees from which palm-wine is derived grow extensively in the southern part of the country, especially the riverine areas. Much of the palm-wine wastes away through lack of proper preservation method, because it goes sour after 24 hours if not properly preserved by scientific means. A preservation method for palm-wine has been perfected locally. It involves pasteurizing and bottling of the palm-wine, which increases its shell-life to over six months. This method of palm-wine preservation makes it more hygienic and consequently more attractive to the city dwellers. The equipment required is simple to operate and is fabricated locally.

Uptake of the project as a commercial venture will provide employment for the rural people and raise their standard of living. Apart from the large market already existing internally there is a good prospect of the bottled palm-wine being exported to foreign countries, as it is being done already by a few people. The investor and the country therefore have the chance of earning hard currency from the sales of bottled palm-wine abroad.

 Production technology-Palm-wine preservation/bottling is done by first testing the palm-wine for specific gravity and level of sugar to ascertain a good quality product. It is then poured into a mixer through a sifter and mixed with a measured quantity of preservative. The palm-wine is then bottled and pasteurized at an appropriate temperature level. The bottled palm-wine is then allowed to cool. See part 2 of the article of the investment and exportation opportunities of palm wine in Nigeria

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  1. Harshal Pathare says:

    Sir, i want also make like this business,Please guide us

  2. Harshal Pathare says:

    Thanks for the excellent information!

  3. John echenim says:

    Im very interested in palm wine busines having practiced it some time ago in delta state,I would like to be assisted in presavation and export.

  4. Kunmi james says:

    Am surprised cos I wasnt aware of the fact that Palmwine has been commercialized…..wether due to a small demand for it.i would love to venture into the business tho.nice write up

  5. ALRIK SAMAN A says:

    im ALRIK from india and im also interested in doing this business we have plenty of palmyra palm trees in our country and also in my native place which are not utillised and I have been planning this for years and a hope has been arised after seeing your blog. I have pursued my engineering degree in food technology major so im well versed in preservation technology. If ur interested please reply me via mail

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. odirachris says:

    Nice one. Like how long will the whole production process take?

  8. hussein aboud says:

    I would love to get to do bussiness of palmwine but I dont habe the knowledge of getting the preservative machine and pakaging, am in kenya where we get lots of palmwine localy in big quantities please advise

  9. Pondy Ota says:

    We are manufacturers of different bevearages including paustuerised palm wine known as plamboost I would love to promote our product through your blog expecting a kind reply Thanks

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi sir, for how long can the pasteurization take? Kindly reply. Thanks

  11. Kate says:

    Please would like to know between Delta State and Enugu state which has the most abundance of palmwine, secondly is it seasonal? thanks.

  12. hafsat says:

    Bravo,its time we look else where to encure revenue for our country cos we have many potential bigger than crude oil, may God help nigerian and nigerians. Ameeeeeeen

  13. prasad says:

    Dear I would like to know for plam wine quality testing devices if any… very urgent

  14. enoch okorie says:

    Hello sir i want to start the business but i don’t know how to start i already have up to 300palms of 4 to 5years old can tell me how to do about it getting the guidance on processing my phone number in nigeria is 08172650517 or +393476921729 i have the means of export

  15. sampson sam says:

    how do i get into this business? palmy is common in ghana including the distilled one

  16. Emmanuel Odili says:

    Please reach me on 08097794129 I want to do business with you

  17. bbom says:

    thanks for the excellent information! bbom bbom bbom bbom bbom

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