GEJ State Of Emergency An Overview” Kaki No Be Leather”

Guys I think this has been long over due- and I support the president’s decision all the way, we have witnessed thousand of innocent Nigerian’s die for no just cause. Imagine Rotimi Ameachi’s NGF letter to the persident trying to stop the declaration of state of emergency in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States, if you read the letter you will findout how selfish politicians can be, if a sitting Governor can not stop the killing of innocent people in his state, then he should step aside and let those that can handle the matter.

With deaf ears the Nigeria’s President, Goodluck Jonathan, on the 14th May 2013 declared a state of emergency in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States. He explained that he was responding to the incessant terrorist attacks and other security challenges that have recently plagued Nigeria.
The declaration is in accordance with the provisions of section 305(3 (c) (d) (f) Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as amended, which states that the President shall have power to issue a state of emergency only when “there is actual breakdown of public order and public safety, there is a clear and present danger of an actual breakdown of public order and , safety in the federation or any part to require extraordinary measure to restore peace and security or to avert such danger” and there is any other public danger which clearly constitutes a threat to the existence of the Federation.
The President in his speech argued amongst other issues that the terrorists have established control over several parts of the nation, destroyed state property and hoisted strange flags suggesting the exercise of alternative sovereignty in some parts of the country. No one can reasonably challenge the veracity of this position. The Proclamation is likely to be transmitted to the National Assembly today, 15th May 2013. According to the Constitution – Section 305(2) & 6(b) “The President shall transmit such copies of the gazette with details to the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, each of whom shall forthwith convene a sitting to consider the situation and decide whether or not to pass a resolution approving the proclamation.”
The same section of the Constitution further states in subsection 6 that a proclamation issued by the President shall cease to have effect within two days when the National Assembly is in session or within ten days when it is not in session, after its publication, if there is no resolution supported by two-thirds majority of all the members of the each House of the National Assembly approving this proclamation.
Our understanding is that what is proposed with the state of emergency is only to send in more troops into the affected states and equip them with sweeping powers of arrest, detention, search etc. The utility of this remains doubtful especially within the context of the recent Baga debacle where over 200 citizens were allegedly murdered by security agents and thousands of houses were burnt and destroyed.
The anti-community approach of security agencies has been consistently criticized by community leaders and elders such as the Borno Elders’ Forum who have postulated that the path to resolution of the crisis is the withdrawal of security agencies from the states. In the last two weeks, we have been inundated with reports that the Baga Massacre has actually led to an expansion of the ranks of Boko Haram as more foot soldiers have been enlisted. See for example the statement “If a man gives me 20,000 naira [£80] today, then I will work with him for life. That is what I hear Boko Haram is doing. What else is there for us to earn money here? (“
The opinion of informed citizens is that security forces continue in their approach of massive violations of human rights and non-adherence to the principles of the rule of law enshrined in their rules of engagement. Nigeria, it will be recalled, committed to the Geneva Declaration 2006 on achieving measurable reductions in armed violence by 2015 but we are not on course to achieve it and a rethink of our approach is imperative.

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