My heart is heavy this morning…After flipping through the pages of a couple newspapers, I couldn’t continue. Its bad news all the way. Its bad news everywhere – 40 people were killed yesterday in Benue” (Fulani herdsmen madness), Boko Haram now abducts women and children. The Boko Haram Sect leader, Shekau just released another video where he said emphatically that they don’t want amnesty. He also said they won’t release abducted children and women (you need to see the video, I keep wondering where the confidence of Shekau stems from). Peharps what broke me down was the pictures of wives of the mobile policemen murdered by the Ombatse militia in Nassarawa, all wearing their husbands’ uniform, mourning, protesting…

I am honestly at a loss Why has Boko Haram Ombatse & other spring-ups continue to de-mystify & de-mythyfy government ? How did we get this bad? where did we miss it? What went wrong? Why are we so unbothered & unfeeling as a people? Well over 40 policemen, humans, God’s creation, trained with State resources were killed in one fell swoop, scores of others still missing, and no one is battling an eyelid? And the Force PRO, Frank Mba can open his bloody mouth & said those mourning women were miscreants & not wives to the late policemen(I guess that’s why they came out yesterday dressed in the uniforms of their late husbands).

I feel, sympathize and emphatize with the wives, children and families of those policemen cut down in their prime. The death of those men was not an act of God. Those men were lost to our political shenanagians; those men were lost to our carelessness… It is obvious that some fifth columnists are at work. Mr President Goodluck Jonathan is merely in goverment, he is not in power can’t see him issuing any reasonable executive orders.

I pray Lord, help Nigeria Save us from ourselves. Grant Mr President the wisdom, and political will to handle issues. Remove from our hearts, inordinate ambitions. Sort Nigeria out. Put an end to this orgy of this blood-thirsty beast Boko Haram and any of its kind, put an end to this madness, the southern south is already beating the drums of war… If you love our great Nation Nigeria Re broadcast this link share it with everyone
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