Welcome, Professional football offers players the chance to make much more money than they might do in other jobs and businesses. But professional football can be a short life and there is always a need to save and use any surplus money for the day when a playing career comes to an end at whatever age. Making the most of the extra cash is the aim of this section.

One of the best football players of the Russian championship, the captain of Kazan Rubin and the national team Sergey Semak purchased 6.9 percent of shares of a small bank in the city of Rostov-on-Don.

On the one hand, the deal looks suspicious. The Bank’s President and the Chairman of Board of Directors have been held in a detention facility on a charge of cashing out the bank’s funds for the past four months. Prosecution office believes that they cashed out and took out of the country over 21 billion rubles and made a profit of 210 million. This resulted in the outflow of funds and the bank nearly collapsed.

On the other hand, experts believe that under the circumstances Semak’s investment decision was very timely. The bank’s license was not revoked, but the owners had to take some corrective measures. As a result, there is an obvious tendency for growth despite the record drop of the assets price – to 147 million rubles. Semak took advantage of the situation and bought the bank shares at a minimum price.

The intentions of the new banker are yet unknown. He may want to buy more shares or sell the ones he has. One thing is obvious – in this deal Semak has scored the same way he scores on a football field. Most renowned footballer are buying up shares in banks, ie Ronald recently acquired shared £600m in a bank in Brazil make him the majority share holder of the bank. Likewise Kaka as well.
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