Imoukhuede’s #SkillUp initiative – Stimulating Wealth Creation & Reducing Unemployment

Afolabi Imoukhuede is the Pioneer Consultant of MCS Consulting Limited. An Accountant by profession; well experienced in international development consultancy with sector in construction, real estate and small business development. This certified project management and human capital consultant has particular emphasis on the Technical and Vocational Education.

He is currently Promoting the #SkillUp initiative, a City & Guilds of London Industry-Backed Technical Skills Competency Development programme in partnership with the Lagos State Government.

He got his inspiration while working at the Africa Project Development Facility – an arm of the World Bank as an Associated Expert; building capacity for Business Associations and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). In my one- on-one conversation I found out
Afolabi is a regular volunteer consultant with FATE Foundation an NGO where he works tirelessly provide free consulting to young aspiring entrepreneurs all over Nigeria.

His initiative #SkillUp is a TECHNICAL SKILLS COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT Program. This initiative was what caught the eyes of udeozochibuzo Blog.

Here’s the idea behind the idea.
The population of Nigerian citizens aged 30 and below is believed to be above 60% of its total population estimated at 150million. These statistics reflect the existence of a huge labour force which if skilfully harnessed
could be of great benefit to sustainable national and regional development.

The presence of a well-trained and highly skilled youth population in any economy has direct impact on entrepreneurship /wealth creation which in turn causes a decline in unemployment. If Nigeria is to fully maximise the use of its natural/physical resources; and emerge as a strong emerging economy
as evidenced in China, Malaysia, India and Brazil, it must pay attention to skills development/ acquisition and
entrepreneurial training. The young people of Nigeria must have access to relevant, up to date and quality competency based training that harnesses their skills and prepares them for the labour market.
Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) system has been identified globally as one of the most effective interventions to addressing the issues of skills acquisition. A well-developed TVET scheme has been seen
to successfully equip young people for the labour market; by offering customised training that ensures industry
readiness as well as creates opportunities for self-employment and long-term economic development.
The greatest need of any vibrant economy is an adequately skilled workforce; a large pool of skilled workers is
indispensable to attracting foreign direct investment and sustaining indigenous industries. Employers are known
to invest a sizable amount of time to sourcing a workforce who demonstrate a high level of skills competency, as
well as have the character and interpersonal skills that will enhance their corporate objectives.
MCS seeks to revive the “Art of TVET,” raising awareness among young people on the benefits of skills acquisition,
challenging them to creatively use their skills and talent as emerging entrepreneurs thereby stimulating wealth
creation thus reducing unemployment in the medium to long term.
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  2. Wao!i love a business like dis.keap it up.

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