We give our unflinching support to Mr. President in stamping terrorisms in Nigeria, but giving the hydra beast “boko haram” amnesty is not the best way forward, it’s a cowards move, why are we hiding the problem here and pretending as if it never existed, amnesty is like training a leopard to become a domestic pet and hoping that one day it doesn’t attack and kill you or any member of your family.

Bokoharam is evil and this faceless dark evil can not be allowed to live amongst the Nigerians populous, rooming freely with the clause of amnesty hanging around them, this people are heartless murderers, government must use all available resources to track and find these evil and eradicate them ones and for all. Boko Haram has no clear cause, and even if they do, why shed innocent blood to achieve it. “Crime must be tried” Terrorisms in Nigeria is with-out amnesty period.

I greatly feel for the victims of the various devilish acts of violence across the country in recent times. Government should develop special courts, well established for the speedy prosecution of terrorists and their sponsors to serve as deterrent to others. Also government should create a security agency independent of the NPF, just like the EFCC or NDLEA etc that will combat terrorisms on any level, this will ensure speedy identification, arrest and prosecution of the sponsors of these acts of terrorism.”

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