Mr. Amaechi accused the presidency of engineering his removal as the governors’ chairman. For maintaining strongly and publicly that the corruption in the petrol subsidy payments by the federal government must stop, President Goodluck Jonathan has decided to ostracize the Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, from some official programs, Mr. Amaechi has claimed.
Mr. Amaechi, the Chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum, NGF, stated that not only is there a crisis between himself and the presidency over petrol subsidy and other issues, the presidency’s reaction has been not only to blacklist him from some functions, but also to engineer his removal as the governors’ chairman. The Rivers Governor stated this on Saturday in Ikogosi Ekiti at a seminar organised by The Future Awards.

Subsidy is criminal
Mr. Amaechi said the presidency was dissatisfied with his insistence as NGF chairman that complete transparency and accountability be brought to the payment of petrol subsidy.
He explained that the state governors were not opposed to fuel subsidy, but were frustrated “about the corruption in it.”
He also accused federal officials who supervise the payment of the subsidy regime of fraud, saying “they balloon the figures.”
The Rivers Governor said it was for this reason that the Governors Forum was in court to challenge the legality of the federal government’s action of using money meant for the three tiers of government (federal, state, and local government) to pay for petrol subsidy.
The Rivers Governor continued with his criticisms of the presidency accusing it of deliberately sidelining him from functions.
The governor said many senior PDP and government officials had approached him to stop making public statements about the federal government’s (in)actions.
“Amaechi, don’t talk again now,” the governor stated as some of the advise he had gotten in order to return to Mr. Jonathan’s good books.
The Rivers Governor, however, said he was not disturbed by the president’s actions.

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