foottttFootball Viewing Center  – We all know that football is loved by people around the world; guys, girls, the young and old. That is why it is called a universal sport. And our nation naija is not an exception.
Nigerians love soccer! We have the red devil fans, gunners, blues and so many others. As much as we like football, most Nigerians cannot watch these foreign matches in the comfort of their homes because they cannot afford to buy cable TV or DSTV. Yes! It is a problem and solving that problem is a means to make money for smart Nigerians.
Investing in a football viewing center is a lucrative business idea. Do you know why? That’s  because the market is large (many customers) and there are many football leagues showing yearly (English Premiership League, French league, European Champions League, UEFA Cup, Spanish La liga etc)footJust imagine you own a 100 capacity viewing center and your customers pay N50 to watch a match. It means that at the end of each match (which is 105minutes) you will have made N5, 000! Multiply the amount if you show more matches in a day. I say it is good business!
So are you interested in starting your own football viewing center ? This is how you should go about it in naija:
Survey of the area you plan to set up the view center – Is it well populated? Is it close to higher institutions, what is the population of the young people?  Are there other soccer viewing centers in the same area? foothbasjkjsadBe sure that your chosen location can accommodate many of your customers and still have space for expansion. Have a hundred people in mind for a start.
2 big screen TVs (high resolution) – you can start with tokunbo TVs
Get Cable or DSTV (dual view) – this is so that you can show two different matches at the same time.
An electric generator set – for power outages
One or two industrial standing fan ( depending on the size of the center)
Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) – when there is a power outage, your customers will not miss a moment of the match before you turn on the generator.
Plastic chairs or Sitting benches – benches are more durable.
Electric Power Stabilizer
Extension sockets, bulbs, etc you also make money by providing alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks for sale as refreshments. Invite NB PLC or any other company to come brand the place for you, in most cases they even give the you 2 or 3 refrigerators to sell only their brands.footbal
Management tips
Employ someone to assist you with managing the business, employ waiters or even a cook if you decided to sell pepper soup, small chops etc.
Make sure you write out all impending matches on a notice board outside your viewing center.
If you have competitors in your area, offer special promotions and bonanzas to draw more customers.
You can have a mini snacks shop close to the viewing center so that you can sell to your clients during viewing.
Most importantly, be friendly to your clients. Try to deal with them personally and with respect.
The football viewing center is really a money spinning venture in Nigeria. Take advantage of it today.

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