In today’s tight economy, a growing number of youths are turning to the Bank of father and mother. Many parents have an impulse to be generous as they watch their children go through school in a country like Nigeria and at the long run struggle with unemployment for years with an unending job search. Submitting cv’s and yet not even getting a promise of a job, in Nigeria we live in an unforgiving economy where the rich gets richer and the poor remains poor.

Fathers, mothers are borrowing their children money to help pay for transportation, feeding, clothing and practically almost everything to even starting a micro business. well we cannot blame this youths if they are in their 30’s and still heavily depend on their parents. This is because the Nigerian economy is very bad, not that Nigeria as a whole does not have the potential to become a great nation, the main problem is that we have had waves and waves of corrupt leaders, who tend to care only for their pocket, their family and personal interest. unemployed.jpgLet me site an example recently Governor of Bayelsa State Nigeria recently arrested and still interrogating some 150 unemployed youths in his state, who staged a peaceful rally demanding that the government create jobs, so they can be gainfully employed.

Instead the governor arrested and put them behind bars and has been interrogating them. Now let’s switch these table around, what if these 150 unemployed youths instead of staging a rally, takes up arms and head to the creeks or even join these hydra beast terrorizing Nigeria today called “Boko Haram”and militancy,thereby plunging the nation into a state of anarchy. Now you see the Nation as a whole has a more alarming crisis on its hands. Nigerian Parents are heart broken,sad and in such a dilemma when ever they think of how their children, who should by now be supporting them financially especially as they are aging still depend heavily on them for daily survival.unemployed_nigerians.jpgNigeria parents wants to be there for their children and help them to succeed, you see the situation where parents give their kids their retirement benefits just to support these kids; I am not saying only Government has to create jobs, the private sector as a major role as well in job creation, but if only corruption and self before country is wiped out within the Nigeria government the unemployment rate with drop drastically.

My worries here is that unemployment in Nigeria poses a great risk of encouraging non-productive behavior or even sending a negative message to the younger Nigerians, that Living with good moral standards is not a viable option and most of all it poses a threat to National security and peace of the Nation.

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