rabitttttttRabbit farming business in Nigeria can be a very profitable business for any entrepreneur who is knowledgeable in animal husbandry.  Unlike other livestock farming, rabbit business is a low capital investment as it does not require too much money to start up. However, it requires in depth knowledge of the animals, how to raise them and which customers to market to.rabbitEvery part of the rabbit is useful; the skin for leather shoe and bag making factories, furs for manufacturing clothes, bone for the production of livestock feed , meat for consumption, live rabbits for testing specimens by laboratories. So it is in the hands of the potential rabbit breeder to determine to whom he should sell his rabbits. Hence the target market is high, Do you want to start rabbit farming business in Nigeria? Then, here are basic factors to consider if success is to be attained.Rabbit-farm-007Production – Rabbits are polygamous in nature and multiply rapidly. Rabbits start breeding at 4 to 5 months of age. The gestation period for the doe (female rabbit) is 31 days and they give birth to 6 to 10 kits (baby rabbit) at once. Rabbits are able to reproduce seven times a year. For reproduction to take place, the buck and doe be kept together to mate. After which they should be keep in separate cages of houses. One female rabbit can produce up to 50 baby rabbits in a year. rabittyHousing – Rabbits can be kept cages, hutches or in a house. Whatever is the case, their living quarters should be spacious so that there will be enough room for their feeders, drinkers, the kits and for the expansion of the business. Their housing should protect them heat and humidity. It should not be too hot or too cold for them. Feeding – Rabbits eat processed feed or edible vegetable, leaves, shrubs, and herbs.  They also grasses such as elephant grass, potato, etc. I recommend that you feed them 2 times every day. rabbit_farming_equipment

If you feed them processed feed, then it is important that you find out the exact amount of feed they consume on a daily basis. This will help you avoid waste.  Adequate supply of drinking water should be provided for them too.Expenses – Rabbit farming business in Nigeria is not an expensive venture. You can start your farm in your backyard, with 2 male rabbits and 6 female rabbits, a wire cage and information from out rabbit farming manual. You are good to go! Other factors you will need to put into consideration includes a production plan, competition and marketing strategies. Because there are not so many people involved in commercial rabbit production, it is almost impossible for the few rabbit farmers to satisfy market demand. Therefore, once you set up your own rabbit farming business in Nigeria, you are already a silent millionaire. Look at it like this; since reproduction will take place on a monthly basis, you always have rabbits to sell.  rabiiihysndscndAnd because rabbits are scare, they are expensive so an adult rabbit can be sold form N10,000. To venture into the business you will require the Complete Guide to Rabbit Farming Business in Nigeriaudeozochibuzo Blog’s eBook manual will not only help you to answer all your question about rabbit farming but will teach you all you need to know to efficiently start up and run your own rabbit farm. udeozochibuzo Blog’s eBook manual on Rabbit Farming Business in Nigeria

Contains the following: Introduction, Types of Breeds, Selecting your Animals, Reproduction, Rabbit Gender Determination, Feeding &Profitability The Price is affordable get a copy today.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    MATE a rabbit its common if you know the technic sign of female fregnance is easy if you like to identify contact me 08083544840

  2. Imrana sadiq Yawale says:

    I am a rabbit breeder we can contact me for many advice 08083544840

  3. Odusote Mayowa says:

    Good day Wonderful people, you plan setting up a rabbit farm and you don’t know how, not to worry as I am here to help. What are u waiting for simply dail +2348065467622!!
    Do you want to start Rabbit Farming business? Then here are few points which you may need to consider:

    Rabbit farming is not at all an expensive venture. It doesn’t need much money like every other farming does. Rather it takes a lot of knowledge about the animal husbandry and how best to raise animals. You should start with a profitable rabbit farming business plan to gain high profit in short term.

    How to Start Rabbit Farming Business

    Taking in consideration, the availability of breeding materials. To start investing in rabbit farming business, it is very much needed to know how to acquire your materials at a very low cost. The materials which are included are rabbit breeding cages, feeds, and concentrates, water nipples for rabbit drinking purpose, etc. are considered as the raw materials that are needed for the business.

    Get the basic knowledge about rabbit care. It is very important to avoid unwanted loss due to diseases and high mortality. Know every necessary thing about rabbits, from their illnesses to their gestation period, feeding pattern and common diseases.

    Get a rabbit farming business plan. The most important thing especially when you are going for a breeding on a commercial scale.

    Your Rabbit House:The cages should be well constructed and placed where it gets protected from the rainfall and direct sunlight.

    Feeding the rabbits: pellet Rabbit’s feed or grasses, shrubs, and herbs etc. They eat food at least twice a day. Fresh water should be given for 24 hours a day and all the containers should be cleaned on regular basis for the sake of health.

    Production:They start breeding from the month of 4 and give around 2-10 kits at once. The gestation period for a female is nearly 31 days. One rabbit can even turn around 40-60 kits at the end of a year. So, there will be rapid growth in the kits all around the year.

    Marketing: We are always there to help you. But we also suggest you let the nearby ones know the utility value of a rabbit. This will help you to spread awareness amongst the people and you will then find the demand of rabbits in the market.

    For more information and to clarify all your doubts, please call me (Odusote Mayowa. A) at +2348065467622 or follow Mayor Rabbit Farm via FB. Location is Lagos to any part of the state in Nigeria*

  4. THE ROCK Farms says:

    Add me to whatsapp

  5. THE ROCK Farms says:

    Please add me to rabbit group on whatsapp, I just started, I am facing many things…. 0803050190

  6. Bassey says:

    Did you guys have a whatsapp group? Pls and me up.08124056138

  7. Obasi N. says:

    How much is the book and where can I get one

  8. Obasi N. says:

    Where can I get a copy of the book on how to set up rabbit farm in Nigeria

  9. Monday Udo says:

    I’m interested in your guide booklet. Please send details on how to get it

  10. pentium says:

    I’m PENTIUM from Ibadan i have a 2week pregnant doe for sale you can contact me 07033453182

  11. Charles says:

    Awesome I most confess,thank you for the information given .The book on how to rear a rabbit where can I get it from and what is the cost of the book

  12. Odusote Mayowa says:

    To know more about rabbit rearing and also to buy weaners or matured rabbits to any location of states in Nigeria, please contact via phone call or whatsapp +2348065467622. You won’t regret ur experience I can assure you. God Bless you

  13. Mande whenu says:

    I need rabbits to buy in lagos pls let talk please . 08033451765

  14. Mande whenu says:

    I need rabbits to buy in lagos pls let talk pls

  15. Mande whenu says:

    I need rabbits to buy in lagos pls let talk pls

  16. Okechi Patrick says:

    I bought a male and a female NZW, but for one month now I have not noticed any sign of pregnancy in the female. Please what do I do to stimulate them to mate . 08188890209 . I reside in Enugu.

  17. Okechi Patrick says:

    I bought matured male and female NZW ,but for one month now I have not noticed any sign of pregnancy please what do to stimulate them to mate. 08188890209

  18. Okechi Patrick says:

    Please after leaving your comments, please state your so that people reading your comments will know how possible it will be to reach you thanks.

  19. Nice to be on this platform . However I can tell you that you cannot achieve your desired weight only by feeding them grasses. I am involved in rabbit feed sales . Our feed help achieve 3.5kg in 3 months .

    our Rabbit Pellets Plain – Rabbit Food

    Complete diet to meet the full nutritional requirements of all breeds
    Selected high fibre raw materials
    Added minerals, trace elements and vitamins
    Pellet Diameter: 3mm

    Our Rabbit pellets Plain are a specially formulated complete diet designed to meet the full nutritional requirements of all breeds and sizes of commercial, show and pet rabbits of all ages.

    Our Rabbit feeds are based on selected high fibre raw materials and cereals balanced with vegetable proteins. Massey supplement their diets with all the required minerals, trace elements and vitamins to ensure rabbit health, fertility and productivity.

    Analytical Constituents
    Crude Protein 18.0%
    Crude Oil 3.8%
    Crude Fibre 13.0%
    Crude Ash 6.6%
    Calcium 0.74%
    Sodium 0.10%
    Phosphorus 0.71
    You can contact me on 07062379874 . Whatsapp and calls .

    Note . A bag goes for 3000 Naira.
    Lets talk business

  20. Samson Ayodele Olokungboye says:

    is anyone know where i can get Flemish giant rabbit?

  21. OSAS says:


  22. Daniel says:

    Am Daniel. What do i need to start with in rabbit rearing. I mean numbers to start with, the feeds, ….

  23. ATA says:

    For all kinds of rabbit breeds.
    Tel.: 08068783794

  24. Opportunity of making money in rabbit business is endless but you have to do a lot of work before making money there. Join the community of rabbit farmer group to get free expert advice and you can also sell or buy your rabbit there.
    Click this link to join
    Or you can send join on whatsapp to 08070573900

  25. Bibi says:

    i need good quality breeding rabbits in Abuja. who has?

  26. amos daku says:

    How do I get good and quality breed in Abuja.

    • Pastor Kola says:

      We have top quality breeds for sale. Newzealand, carliphonian. Flemish giant etc. We can ship to any part of the country at a token. very attractive prices. call pastor koia 08062756753

      • Zon Egwuatu says:

        Hello Pastor Kola,
        I am interested for rabbit farm in name is zon.two male newzealand and 7 does.
        2/4 california respectively.2/4 flemish

      • Samson Ayodele Olokungboye says:

        I forget to introduce myself, now let me introduce myself my name is Samson Olokungboye from Ondo state my phone number is 08035134158 . please can i call you to discuss?

      • Ebenezer says:

        Good evening sir. Please where are you located. Am interested in rabbitry. In need of the best species. What is the price range? Am in Osun state.

  27. Why do you have to separate the male from the female unless you want them to mate

  28. Matthew says:

    How and where do I get good species for small scale rearing in lagos

    • Pastor Kola says:

      We have good species of rabbits for sale. Pure breed and cross breed. New Zealand white, Californian, Flemish giant. We can sheep to any part of the country for a token. Contact Pastor Kola on 08062756753.

  29. Patrick says:

    My NZ rabbit gave birth to only 3kits, where can buy the one with at least 6kits or what can i increase the litter size to up to 7kits. I reside at 9th mile in Enugu. Contact me with 08188890209

  30. jjkilany says:

    thanks very much for enlightened general public on rabbit production. I have been rear rabbit for almost six years. I really need a high breed rabbit that will produce a very good kits particularly new white Zealand rabbit or ash colour. what is the cost of 2 females and 1 male

  31. Patrick says:

    I want to buy a male and a female New zealand white with large number of kitten and good mothering ability for starting up my rabbit farm.I already have 2 female. I reside at 9th mile in Enugu. Contact me with 08188890209

  32. Please where is udeozochibuzo farm located so that i can come buy New zealand white rabbit

  33. BJ says:

    Does your complete guide provide for production of pellets or locally(DIY) processed feed

  34. engr.Kolapo M A . says:

    ‘m interested in rabbit farming, and I need details. on the business . how to start, time to market and where to market. many tnx.

  35. Hi my name is Rebecca and I just wanted to drop you a quick message here instead of calling you. I came to your HOW TO START A RABBIT FARMING BUSINESS IN NIGERIA | udeozochibuzo BLOG page and noticed you could have a lot more hits. I have found that the key to running a popular website is making sure the visitors you are getting are interested in your website topic. There is a company that you can get keyword targeted traffic from and they let you try the service for free for 7 days. I managed to get over 300 targeted visitors to day to my website.


    young rabbit for sale, range; 6 to 8weeks old

  37. Mr Igwe says:

    Like how much can one start with, what type of envaronment is good for it.

  38. okeyi Ayuba says:

    Pls how can I get gud species to start rabbit farming in abuja.

    • Pastor Kola says:

      I have good species of rabbit for sale.New zealand,Californian.we can ship to any part of the country at a token.Contact Past Kola 08062756753

  39. okeyi Ayuba says:

    Thanks for this wonderful eye opening info. Can one also start rabbit farming with our own local rabbit?

  40. Saintochrist says:

    Pls I need a very good breed rabit as a pet. One male and 2 famale. I want to know the cost. I love brown or ash. Pls contact me with my phone number. 07060600600. Thanks

  41. mark David Adakole says:

    Iam a professional rabbit breeder by the grace ofGod,selling rabbits at that price is uncalled for,plssirbe realistic and considerate about the price of bunnies.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Let your number be very clear for people to call.

  43. OBIORA OGBOGU says:

    Iam interested in creating a rabbit farm in my home and wish to access information from your eBook.

  44. jumbo p ibiama says:

    How can one get your e book and what is the price.

  45. Prince adeoye says:

    Does the ebook teaches how to rear a rabbit from it kit too maturity?

  46. Eno says:

    Nice read…. I got pure breed flemish giant rabbits for sale…

    Flemish Giant (Price List)

    Bunnies — (7k)

    Young adult—(10k

    Matured adult—- (15k)

    Please Note : all prices are not negotiable.


    Whatsapp or call +234 802 327 7707

  47. Sarah says:

    I am from the United States and I have breeding stock animals I would like to work with Nigeria to get breeding animal rabbits (New Zealand) to people who need them. Please contact me.

    • aka850 says:

      pls be realistic. the price of rabbit is not as costly as stipulated by this writer. NO normal person will buy rabbit for #10,000. THERE are places they areveven sell bunies as low as #500 naira. but all things being equal,when you do your cost benefit analysis,you will always be the winner. period. which breed do you have and how many you want to sell and price. thanks 07068392672. Pls I am interested. pls let me know your contact. thanks

    • Mr Agboola Emmanuel says:

      Ambased in Lagos,Nigeria. Presently am working as HR manager in a Trawling company but we soon retire. I want to start rearing rabbit( I have few Doe and bucks which am keeping in my backyard) I will like to have more useful information on how to grow the raising of rabbits.

    • Prince adeoye says:

      How can I get contact with you Sahar?

    • Adefolaju Oloko Esq says:

      Hi Sarah, I want to get some pure newzealand rabbit breeds and want to know if we can work together.
      Fola-Oloko Esq
      +234-8157028688(whatsapp & calls).

    • abosaid says:

      hello Sarah! please can I get your whatsapp number so that we can discuss on it. I need giant breed rabbit like 10 (8 female 2male).

    • Dotman says:

      Dear Sarah, I am set to work with you….08034396557 or many thanks

    • Anonymous says:

      hi sarah i need your contact for real animal stocks business +2348139344946

    • Victor Odungide says:

      Please I Will Need Your Phone Number For Sharing Our Idea Thanks

    • Stephen says:

      Hi Sarah,
      I am based in Lagos and interested.

  48. mathew says:

    how can one market I have rabbit to sell

  49. ubaka1000 says:

    Great Thread
    For those who are interested in proposing to go into Agro business, you would need a business plan do not just jump in and jump out, get a full market analysed plan to ensure your success.
    You should get a copy of my farming business plan template that covers (rabbitry, poultry, fishery and snailery).. simply copy, edit and paste to suit your budget.
    Or an already analysed business plan with all the details you require to get start in no time.This business plan covers all analysed data and market analysis for you to get started, it covers all you need in
    • Executive Summary
    • Company Overview
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  50. Chiemerie okeke says:

    Am leaving at Enugu where can i buy young rabbits and their feed at enugu or near enugu

  51. Arc Alisigwe Nwachukwu James says:

    I had a small rabbit farm when I was in secondary school (1994-2000). Not minding that I operated it locally but yet I still succeeded with it. This time, I want to go back to it in an advanced way.
    Arc Alisigwe Nwachukwu James
    Orlu, Imo State. 08135488750

  52. Joseph says:

    Thanks for the info on rabbit farming in Nigeria. I would like to right away.
    I the manual and how to get the best breed from Enugu as you hinted. Thanks.

  53. ekpeyong ezekiel says:

    please am seriously in need of a Flemish giant rabbit do u have them

    • eno says:

      Flemish Giant (Price List)

      Bunnies — (7k)

      Young adult—(10k

      Matured adult—- (15k)

      Please Note all prices are not negotiable.


      Call or whatsapp +234 802 327 7707

  54. john says:

    where is ur farm location pllss

  55. Abdurrazaq Lawal says:

    Excellent presentation. Pls how do I get a manual book and where in Nigeria? because I wanted to start now and tell me the bride to start with and where to get.

  56. Ais says:

    Sned your numbers to 07069646878 to join the rabbit breeders group on whatsapp

  57. engrfaruq says:

    this is very educating, please lets continue to communicate on this platform, it would be very impact-full to create a network of rabbit farmers.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Dear Sir/Ma,
    I want to start my rabbit farm in my house and from research, I want good parent stocks, Link me up please’


    Can I get the manual online ?
    About the housing showed in d blog posted can I get such setting
    I mean can u make for me too? Thanks

  60. Sheriff says:

    I want to start rabbit farming and I need your help with the types of feeds for rabbits and their health care..

  61. Holyfield says:

    I would like to know were I can get German gray giant rabbit and Flemish giant rabbit for sale. if an one wants the new Zealand breader and boiller I have them for sale. my no is 234(08138008150). It is in Delta state.

    • Asmau Salisu says:

      Pls show me the pictures of the various varieties you have and the price per pair.
      We might be making business with you.

      • Asmau Salisu says:

        Iam expecting a response from you on pictures of rabbit varieties, prices and where to get them in Nigeria.

        • Eno says:

          Flemish Giant (Price List)

          Bunnies — (7k)

          Young adult—(10k

          Matured adult—- (15k)

          Please Note all prices are not negotiable.


          Call or whatsapp +234 802 327 7707

        • sarah says:

          I have some new zealand white breeds of rabbits for sale.For more information contact me on 09029400980. Thanks.

  62. Nathan Nwosu says:

    We are suppliers of cost effective imported Rabbit house for commercial farmers contact us for more information, 08132478092, email us at or look uo our website at

  63. muritala yomi sikiru says:

    What if we didn’t sprate the female from male after take in? What will happen?

  64. jephthah says:

    I have start d business wit 2female nd 1 male …..I wish 2 knw more abt rabbits

  65. Anonymous says:

    i love what you’re doing keep it up.

  66. Sason Udo says:

    Good day. I’m leaving in Kaduna State, Nigeria. I have a deep interest in going into rabbit farming, so, where do you live and how can I get very good and amazing rabbit breeds to start up my farm with? Contact me on 08062553185.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Rabbit for sale… Location Winners Ogun state. Interested call 08188886018 or add bbm 2AC18073

  68. Awotunde says:

    how much is the guide book for rabbit and how can i get it, also where is your farm located in nigeria

  69. Joseph Taylor says:

    Sir I am very greatful for your wonderful tuition about rabbit.I would like to start the business on a medium scale.So I would like to plead if u can still continue to give me tuition through my email.I am a ghanaian

    We offer additional income
    for farmers and for farmers. Currently, an increasing emergence of new
    industries and new opportunities. Farming requires a lot of investment and
    employment. Not always bought meat and milk prices meet your expectations.
    However, there is always the possibility prisidurti performed cent. Minimum
    investment and maximum of profit from the opportunity to earn 10,000 erurų per
    month. We want to offer you to become our business partners. Your primary work
    is to breed and raise animals that require low maintenance, low feed
    consumption. These animals that multiply very quickly. Within 21 days the
    animals from birth to 8 to 14 puppies, and after 30 days he can reproduce
    themselves. It is an unceasing process, which you can adjust yourself. It
    depends on you how much profit you want to have. We, in turn, commit to all the
    animals bred, aged less than one month, to buy … To learn more, please contact
    us by e-mail:

  71. saint says:

    pls what part of nigeria are you?

  72. hi you have a nice blog. I wanna say thanks for publishing this interesting articles with us. Keep up this good work!

  73. contact-sex says:

    Hi you have a fantastic blog over here! Thanks for sharing this interesting information for us! If you keep up this great work I’ll visit your weblog again. Thanks!

  74. An fascinating dialogue is price tag comment. I consider that you must create extra on this subject matter, it may not be described as a taboo subject on the other hand commonly individuals are not adequate to talk on these types of topics. To your up coming. Cheers


  76. emeka ike says:

    Knowledge is power

  77. Thanks for finally talking about >HOW TO START
    BLOG <Loved it!

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