The Police in Bayelsa on Tuesday arrested 30 unemployed graduates for participating in a mass protest in Yenagoa over lack of job opportunities in the state.
The protesters had given prior notice to the Police before their protest. Scores of youths, mostly unemployed graduates, had earlier trooped to the streets in Yenagoa, protesting what they described as the high rate of unemployment in the state.

However, policemen from the Bayelsa State Police Command used tear gas to disperse the protesters.

The protesting youth were arrested at Yenizue-Gene in Yenagoa by teams of policemen and operatives of the state-owned security outfit, ‘Operation Doo Akpo’.

Among those arrested were five leaders of the protesting youths. Those arrested were detained at the State Criminal Investigation Department and underwent interrogation for their roles in the protest.

Numbering over 150, the unemployed graduates staged a peaceful protest in the state capital over the State Government’s alleged neglect and insensitivity to their plights. They had earlier given a 30-day ultimatum to Governor Seriake Dickson to lift the embargo on employment into the civil service to absorb them.

The protesters, under the aegis of Unemployed Graduates Forum of Bayelsa, claimed they had made efforts to meet with some top government officials to resolve the crisis. They said their efforts were fruitless as the one-month ultimatum given to the government to create 20,000 jobs for jobless graduates had lapsed without a shift in position by the government.

There was stampede at the Yenizue-Gene area of Yenagoa as the police sent reenforcements to the area with about 10 vans and arrested over 30 persons while the rest fled.

The protesters, who were dressed in white T-shirts with inscriptions, “We need jobs”, “Give us jobs”, said they would not be intimidated by the arrest of their members.

The Public Relations Officer of the Bayelsa State Police Command,Alex Akhigbe, confirmed the arrest of the protesters, saying they were being interrogated. Mr. Akhigbe recalled that the group had informed the Police Command of their protest but said that the permit was not granted.

This a very sad story- if government had not failed in their duties to provide jobs for the common man or even provide soft loan for this unemployed persons, but instead you find Government sitting on their own side of the bench with complete disconnect of the reality on ground, stuffing their pockets with, the peoples money an over flowing foreign bank accounts. On a second thought why arrest and interrogate an unemployed Nigerian? Because he was exhibiting his civil right through a peaceful demonstration??(This beats me, the more his aggrieved the more he becomes a ticking time bomb) imagine if the same 150 unemployed persons head to the creeks or even better still become members of the this hydra beast terrorizing Nigeria today called boko haram! What’s will our beloved nation look like??worse of all the Bayelsa Government is docile and nonchalant to this plea, even though we all know GEJ is from that area.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    This vry annoying….but guess what Nigerian Gov? U can’t steal my joy!!

  2. mark samuel says:

    This is bad, because you have the power now you can arrest people over their rights. Please what is the human rights and civil groupnn in the state doing about this. The protest should be done in more enhanced term to stop such bad governance.

    • in fact it heart breaking, the govt have not created any employment for these individuals, i think it will only be wise for the govt to create some form of small or micro business for them, instead of stealing money and sending it aboard Nigerian should set their priorities straight if these persons should take arms that one na double wahala

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