errrrfbnxcnmmErrand Service Business in Nigeria – The errand or Concierge service industry in Nigeria is becoming a fast growing multi million Naira business because of the busy lifestyles people have to cope with.  Unlike in the 60s, when people were skeptical about errand service, more people are now dependent on errand service providers to help them accomplish their odd jobs and tasks which subsequently would provide them free time to do more important things. Like sending packages, collecting kids from school, buying lunch and so much more. Do you know that starting an errand service business in Nigeria is very simple and inexpensive?  That you can start your errand service business at home? That you do not need any specialized skills, education or experience to become an errand runner? That you can make millions of Naira on a weekly basis just darting from one place to the other for your clients? So do you like being on the move? Then the errand service business could just be what you need!errrrrrrrThe following basic guidelines are required to start off your errand service business in Nigeria.

Target Market- The target market for errand service providers are; 1. The busy working class people who would prefer to pay someone else to perform some tasks for them. 2. Corporations who could hire the services of errand providers to carry out simple tasks on behalf of their or for their employees 3. The third group is people who need assistance with their errands due to old age, sickness, disability, expecting mothers or even lazy folks. You should decide on which group or groups you would provide your services to depending on the resources and skills and you have. Type of Errands– Errand services can be grouped into two categories. The simple errands and complex errands. Simple errands are those tasks that can be performed by anyone because these errands do not require any special training. Examples include shopping, pet care, laundry pickup and delivery, utility bill payments, school run, house sitting etc. however, complex errands are those tasks that will require some specialized training. Examples of complex errands involves event planning for your client, planning travel schedules and vocation spots, appointment management etc. to be able to be efficient to carry out complex errands, you will need to be computer literate and have good people skills. Depending on the skills, training, experience, resources and time you have, you should choose the type of errands which you would carry out on behalf of your clients.errrr

Equipment and Supplies-Depending on the type of errands you would want to provide, the required resources would differ. If your services is going to include moving from place to place then a vehicle or motor bike or even a bicycle would be necessary. Business Registration, Legal Requirements and Insurance. You will need permits and licenses you will need from your local and state government office. As running an errand service business involves a high amount of risk, it is very important that you obtain business insurance for your ventureerrrrrrfsxbdc dcFixing Price -As an errand service provider you can be charging your clients based on the type of service you provide for them or on an hourly basis.  If you have clients who hire you on a regular basis to perform specific tasks then you can propose to them to pay you a monthly or annual fee for a certain number of requests you accomplish for them. As for businesses, fees and rates could vary depending on the number of employees and how many requests each employee is allowed to make. I recommend that you check what other service providers charge before deciding on your price.errddBusiness Plan-A business plan enables you to stay focused on the services you offer and manage the growth of your business (I recommend you reach me on email to create a business plan for your enterprise you will only be asked to pay a little professional fee). Hire and Train Staff-Success in this venture is determined by how well your employees handle your clients’ businesses. So make sure your staff /errand runners are efficiently trained. Advertising-It is very important that you market your errand services in order to attract clients. The best way to promote your errand service business in Nigeria is by word of mouth. Your clients can refer you to their friends and family. You can also advertise on your local newspapers, radio and TV.errrrrrAn errand service business really allows you to start small and grow at your own speed. Follow our guidelines about how to start your own Concierge service and you will be sure of success! Get started People. If you are interested in developing a comprehensive business plan for your errand service business, email: You can follow on twitter as well for micro blogs @udeozochibuzo



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Simple and precise

  2. Aliyu Nuhu says:

    Hmmm… I guess its time to play monopoly in this industry

  3. Anonymous says:

    pls i will like to talk with you on this errand service business, i cant reach u on phone but this is my number 08063453582 pls try and call pls

  4. emmy okeke says:

    recieved 1 free btc for joining!!!
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  5. Ricka says:

    Ok, like how much do you think is ideal to charge customers if you are just starting, because if your price is too high they may not hire you

  6. Rhonda says:

    I’m starting an errand business and I’m stuck on the income balance and cash flow projection and marketing analysis I’m ready to give up can u help me

    • As an entrepreneur challenges with surly come your way, at that point when you are about to break is the moment you need to fire on , I know how you feel but you must not give up, try and attend my business round table sessions it will assist and mentor you

  7. Seedlings says:

    Simple and self explanatory……keep doing the good work

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