ABACHAAbacha, also known as African salad, is a dish prepared mainly from cassava. It is predominantly eaten by the Ibo people in Southeast Nigeria. The preparation of this food comes with a variety of spices and condiments. The basic ingredients include cassava slices, ugba, ukazi leaves, garden egg leaves, garden eggs, onions, palm oil, liquid potash, hot pepper, crayfish, stockfish, kpomo, smoked fish and salt to taste.abarrg

Abacha is prepared with cassava. The cassava tubers are cooked till done then sliced with a special cutter. The sliced cassava is then soaked in cold water overnight, washed thoroughly and dried under the sun. This African Salad will not be complete without Ugba. Ugba, also known as Ukpaka, is made from oil bean seeds. These seeds are cooked for several hours then sliced, washed and fermented for a few days.

abagwhjskit is a delicacy that can be prepared at anytime of the day and eaten as a snack, an appetizer or relished as the main meal accompanied with a chilled drink. It can also be served during traditional festivals or ceremonies. this meal can make you RICH- for years Abacha has been made and sold locally, despite this many sit-out serve this dish and have racked in serious cash for them. A friend of mine who lives in Dallas Texas makes a round” Bi- Monthly to the African food shops to place orders for the raw Abacha that the shop keeper bring into the US. The key success factor to this business is preparing a delicious abacha meal that can be enjoyed with palm-wine or other beverage, the popular abacha and ugba joints in the south eastern parts of Nigeria, enjoys an enormous influx of customer, especially at night, people relax to enjoy themselves, listening to live band music while enjoying abacha.abaSpeaking with one of the owners of the Abacha joints and he confirmed that he makes well over N100, 000k per night selling well prepared Abacha to his customers. I noticed the huge potentials in this business, and if well tailored can grow to a big business in Nigeria, imagine taking our local delicacy to the world.african-salad.png


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  2. nonye says:

    This is really interesting. I will like 2 learn how 2 prepare all this local dishes.

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