Snail Farming in Nigeria is very lucrative, and many Nigerians are waking up to this business of snail farming . Apart from the fact that snail farm is easy to manage, snail farming does not require much technicalities or capital as snails can easily be picked around for the take-off. Snail farm is easy to setup – with little structure and little fund, you’re good to go.

The giant West Africa snail called Achatina Marginata is the most desirable specie for snail farming due to it’s high yield capacity. There are other good species but I will focus on Achatina Marginata in this blog post because, it’s easy to find in Nigeria.
1. Snail Farming Environment – Snails are easily dehydrated, and wind increase the rate of moisture loose in snail which in turn, leads to the dryness of the animal. To prevent snails from losing water so quickly, your snaileries (the snail house) must be located in environment that is protected from wind.
2. Type of Soil For Snail Farm – Snail’s major habitat is the soil, and soil contains some of the components and chemical substances that it needed to survive. However, not all soils are suitable for snail rearing. The shell of the snail is mainly calcium and it derive most of them from the soil. Snail also lay it’s eggs on the soil and drink water out of the soil.Hence, the suitable soil for snail farming must contain these elements. Must be balanced, not waterlogged, not too dry, and must not be acidic. The most desirable soil for snail is sandy-loamy soil with low water holding capacity. Clayey soil and acidic soil must be avoided.

3. Getting The Sails For Farming – To start up a snail farm, it is advisable to get snails directly from the forest or buying from the market.
The intending snail farmer could pick the snails from the bush with a very simple technique; clear a little portion of land during rainy season and sprinkle spicy fruits like pineapple, pawpaw, plantain, banana etc at about 5o’clock in the evening, when you go back there about 7pm or 8pm, you will pick up snails suitable for rearing. Repeat the procedure until you get enough quantity.
4. The Snail House (Snailery) – Snaileries can vary from a patch of fence-protected ground, sheltered from the wind to a covered box if you are breeding in small scale.
Snails love dark and cold places, but make sure the humidity does not drop to levels harmful to the snails. You can use fresh leaves and cloth that is regularly wet to regulate the temperature.

5. Snails Foods and Feeding – Snails especially Achatina mainly feeds on green leaves and fruits though they can utilize other ranges of foods. Feed your snails leaves, fruits, or even formula from the feed store. Aside from food to grow tissues, snails need calcium to grow shells.

If you are interested in starting your own snail farm, our guide will run you through all the factors you need to put into consideration. Our manual will also give you the basic knowledge required to operate and manage your snail business. We only send the “snail farming in Nigeria” study manual to your email. You will have to download and print it out.
E-Book Manuals for startup Snail Farming in Nigeria

Setting up a snail Concrete pen/trench pen production of snail farming
Soil texture
Moisture conditioning
Reproduction in snails
Mating and egg laying
Growth rate
Cannibalism by hatchlings
Constructing a snail pen and layouts
Diseases and Pests
Harvesting and transferring snails
Processing of snail meat
And so much more!
Price: N35,000

To get your E-Book on Snail Farming in Nigeria, send me an email chibuzo4u2c@yahoo.com, indicating ur interest, after which mode of payment with then be advised to you.

Note: once you have made your payment, send your names, valid email address, teller number, and bank branch location by email. You will receive your study manual in your email ONLY after your payment has been verified. You can follow me on twitter @udeozo


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    Nice business

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    I’m going to start soon. I love this.

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    I want to start this in 6months time. Keep you posted.

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    Am one of the benefitiaris which always enjoy and update my literacy in snail farming through ur educative article. I love it so much

  5. Nwachukwu wisdom c says:

    I am a final year student in federal polytechnic Nekede owerri 4rm d department of agricultural engineering (soil and water conservation) .am a researcher n hav confirmed snail farming as a lucrative bussiness in which I intend building a large snairy.The problem is dat am not financially buoyant and I seek for ur help and assistance. I LOVE UR SITE, u ar an eye opener to jobless youths GODBLESS U.

  6. Hi, this weekend is nice designed for me, as this occasion i am reading
    this wonderful educational article here at my home.


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