PHD & Master Degree Holders Employed as Drivers in Nigeria

I realize that there are not many good leaders in Nigeria. Whatever is the reason, it is something we have to tackle because we cannot continue the way it is. Nobody will help Nigeria, nobody can help Nigeria and that is the truth. If we expect others from outside to help us, it is a second class help.”

What is Obasanjo’s idea of a good leader?
What examples did his leadership provide in furthering good leadership? How does he think Nigeria would be spared more scourge from its leaders? The thing that beats me the most is the statement and reaction from the ex president of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo.

Obasanjo was however shocked when he learnt that Dangote Group’s advertised for 100 truck drivers drew 13,000 applicants, among them six Ph.D holders and 704 others with master’s degrees.  if I should ask Why was he shocked? Is he unaware of the level of unemployment in Nigeria? How would jobs and wealth be created without basic infrastructure? And the level of corruption that has eaten through the coffers of Government in every level. Its still beat me badly after a man like himself who has ruled this nation for 11years has not given to the nation but taken can be that shocked, was he in asleep to the level of poverty, unemployment and under-employment in Nigeria.

His shock is an evidence showing the distance Nigerian leaders keep from other Nigerians. They are ignorant of the disease, hunger, anger, (excessive ‘vexing’ form Nigerians that’s why you see some take up arms just to make a point -‘not that I am saying it a good way’ but government has to feel the pulse on Nigerians) and illiteracy. They are clueless about families groaning under the crushing effects of poverty, without jobs or hope of getting one soon. The leaders claim to serve us, yet Nigerians wait for crumbs from their tables.

This younger generation has given up hope believing in our Leader, they have decided to create they own world, in music, comedy, movies, etc. These industry where not developed by the government or had any governmental input from the onset, but now the government want in, too bad! Which way Nigeria has Over 450,000 views, Read&Follow this blog daily, twitter handle @udeozo


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One Response to PHD & Master Degree Holders Employed as Drivers in Nigeria

  1. Collins says:

    Its so sad that our leader have lost touch with reality, Nigerian are suffering and they don’t even care, all they are interested in gathering money for them selves

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