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chestnaz window 3Chestnaz Laundry & Dry-cleaning, we are the Premier Dry Cleaners. Welcome to a whole new world of textile care. Our cleaning process is perfect for all special and casual clothes. For designer labels, and all your special garments that deserve that extra special care, trust them to us, as we are here to serve you. Our superior service is attributed to the creative and innovative approach of the key personnel. Our personnel have been highly trained, and are well experienced in their field. You will find them pleasant and anxious to serve. They are here to assist and advise you on all aspects of care for your garments. We have invested considerable capital, time and energy in producing an exclusive dry cleaning and laundry service that will serve all your laundry needs.

Our unique and unparalleled service, designed particularly with the focus on quality cleaning, finishing and packaging for our customers valuable clothing. Now you have the discretion to opt for an exclusive Dry Cleaning and Laundry service to suit your own needs and that of your clothes.

Our mission statement is’ EXECELLENCE”. This is reflected in our choice of state of the art computerized machines, we have ensured that all our utilities function without interruption and are environmentally friendly. Our water is constantly filtered and treated to prevent any contamination of you fabrics, so bright, so clean- so whites stay white. Our office and factory is located at the Impala Plaza along Brown and Brown road opposite Chitis Independence Layout Enugu.

CRO’s -Customer relations officers thoroughly examined your garments At reception any stains or defects will be discussed with you to assist our factory technicians, who will endeavor to return your garment to you in a pristine, condition. Any possible foreseeable problems such as beads, trimmings, or features with the fabric or dyes will be discussed and professional advice will be given. Stains where possible will be removed and your garments will be perfectly pressed. Our sales staffs (CROS’) are all graduates and communicate well; they are trained to be helpful, respectful and pleasant, they have also received training in the dry cleaning process and can give you general advice on most of the questions you may have, or for more detailed information an experienced technician will At Chestnaz Laundry & Dry-cleaning, stain removal is a high priority. All our chemicals are specially formulated to ensure they are both safe on your fabrics and their dyes. We have skilled personnel who are specifically trained in stain removal and are dedicated only to this function of service.

We understand how important perfect pressing or you just hate ironing? With Chestnaz Laundry & Dry-cleaning, you don’t have to worry about mountains of crumpled clothes piling up at home. Simply bring in your laundered garments and household textiles and we’ll press everything to perfection. Soon, all the frustrations of ironing delicate pleats and in-between button holes will be a distant memory. All our dry cleaned garments are steam pressed using specialized imported presses. This makes it impossible for us to leave iron marks or produce shine on your garments. Our staffs are trained to produce lapels that are rolled and not flat, trousers with one sharp crease, pleats that are sharp and even. Wedding dresses are a particular specialty. Each presser specializes in one particular operation giving continuity and assuring you of the same high quality every time you use our service. We are taking Laundry to its heights.

As a new and valued customer, we will ask for your name, address and telephone number to open your account. These details are then logged into our computerized EPOS system (illustrated), this allows us to keep an accurate record of every transaction you have with us, and also allow us to contact you if we require any further information concerning your garment or wish to relay any information to you. This saves valuable time and ensures your order is ready for collection at the time promised.

By the time your garment arrives at our quality control department it has already been checked for quality 8 times, at quality control department we not only check for the obvious, like stain removal and pressing, we also remove lint and loose threads, re-stitch loose buttons and hems, we also undertake small repairs free of charge. The supervisor gives every garment its final check for quality before it is passed to our railers.

Fresh, clean and well pressed curtains really bring any room to life and help your home look its very best. Our professional Curtain Cleaning Service can help eliminate thousands of microscopic dust mites, airborne dust, odours, hairs, smoke and dead skin particles and many more  problems as well as help to keep your home sparkling looking its best. We advise people to clean their curtains, swags, tails and pelmets at least every 3 months and much more regularly we will clean and press your curtains, whatever their size, to a level of perfection.

It’s probably something you don’t wish to think about too often, but it is likely you are sharing your bed with up to 20,000 unwanted house-guests every night! Because of the warmth and moisture content, your duvet and pillows are the perfect habitat for dust mites, bed bugs and the bacterial and fungal spores. Experts now recommend that your duvet and pillows are cleaned at least every 3months. We will ensure that highly-effective sterilization and removal of allergens occurs and that, in addition, your duvet and pillows are refreshed and revived. After the duvet cleaning is complete, your duvets and pillows are also returned in compact packing, offering an easier solution to the storage of bulky items. Chestnaz Laundry & Dry-cleaning provides Special Services, SUEDE & LEATHER CLEANING Such as a suede, sheepskin shoe polishing, and leather cleaning service for a range of garments and items, including; coats, jackets, suits, waistcoats, skirts, trousers, gloves, sheepskin rugs, and handbags.

Our experienced suede and leather cleaning team at the Central Processing Unit are highly trained to produce exceptional results in restoring suede, sheepskin and leather to as near the original condition as possible. In the case of sheepskin rugs, our professional cleaning and brushing service can restore them to look as good as new. We also provide a re-waxing service for leathers. This is a high quality service offered by professional craftsmen. All shoes and boots are welcome for polish and re-waxing. Whether it’s your favourite welted brogues or a cherished pair of stilettos, you can trust Chestnaz to make them shine and look as good as new.

As Chestnaz uses only the best, innovative materials such as non-slip pattern, you can expect excellent wear and safety from your shoes. A new ‘Executive Shoe Repair Service’ is also available for leather shoes in need of care and attention. Chestnaz can resolve your much loved shoes using chestnut tanned leather polish and wax from the Thomas Ware & Sons tannery in Bristol. This is the last remaining leather tanner in the UK, and is renowned for producing hard-wearing leather polish with a high degree of water resistance.

Chestnaz Laundry & Dry-cleaning will Collect & Deliver your garments, particularly curtains which can be difficult to transport in a car. Or in the case of large orders you may require us to deliver your garments if there is a chance they could get creased in your own transport. Simply make arrangement with our CRO’s when you drop your garments or in the case of collection ring in to our most convenient outlet. We will arrange for the most convenient time and date, Due to the extra cost of transportation, the minimum cost of orders for collection is set at N10, 000; there is a 10% surcharge for this service. In the case of large orders or corporate accounts the service charge will be waived.

Enjoy our family packages we will take care of all your family laundry needs, it puts your mind to rest, signing up for the family package automatically give you 10% on prices and puts you and your family on our loyally program.  Let’s save money for you, by giving good quality at the right price.

Make sure you’re always looking your best with our Executive Service. The Executive Service will ensure your garments are professionally cleaned with a premium hand finish to keep your clothes looking as good as new. Each garment will receive a thorough individual garment appraisal, complete with a full de-linting service. The service provided by our experienced branch teams will ensure we prolong the life of your clothing, giving a smooth and clean look every time, with our Executive Service, your clothes will be returned on an exclusive hanger in a breathable garment carrier. The service also includes two exclusive voucher offers every time.

So what are you waiting for? Give your garment the Executive Treatment today!

Call our customer service today on +2348164552625 or +2348171115228 or visit of office & factory at

Impala plaza #4 Ezilo Street, Opposite Chitis Eatery, Independence Layout Enugu State Nigeria

Because we care about the environment! We Go green at no extra cost!

Chestnaz Laundry & Dry-cleaning is helping to make a difference with Cleaning. Our clean Green Earth process uses pure liquid silicone, a safe, natural by-product of sand that doesn’t chemically interact with fabrics. So it’s better for your clothing, better for the environment and it doesn’t cost any extra! You can really smell the difference too – the natural solvent doesn’t chemically interact with the fabric, so there’s no unpleasant odour your clothes will smell really fresh instead of smelling dry cleaned!

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